Why doesn’t anyone talk about Byelorussian women

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Should you search for opinions about women from Eastern Europe (don’t, you are better off without them), they will be lots and lots of discussions concerning Russians and Ukrainians. However bad these discussions may be is irrelevant, the point is that they never talk about the Byelorussian women.

Table of content:

  1. Who are the Byelorussians?
  2. What is their culture like?
  3. Why aren’t their women popular?
  4. The general overshadowing
  5. Belarus isn’t very comfortable
  6. How does dating Byelorussian women feel like?
  7. Different kinds of Byelorussians
  8. In conclusion

Belarus (where the Byelorussians are from) sounds like a distant far-away country that shouldn’t exist. Whereas the latter part isn’t for anyone to decide, save for Byelorussians themselves, the former part is actually fairly true. Belarus is relatively small a land with not much to see, expect the magnificent nature and a few historically-interesting places.

Well, it can be said about many counties in the world, but at least you know that they exist. Chances are, you can even say a word or two about the women from countries like Switzerland or Belgium (no offense, Belgians and Swiss). But why not about the Byelorussians? Let’s find out.

Who are the Byelorussians?

Belarus is the third of the three East-Slavic countries amongst Russia and Ukraine, obviously. Now you know that. It’s not too big on a map for anyone to wonder what it really is, and it’s not in the most interesting spot to look at. Not when there are Poland and Russia on both sides.

What is their culture like?

It would be reasonable to assume that the Byelorussian culture resembles those of their East-Slavic cousins, and it’s even truer than you could’ve thought, actually. For an outsider who knows some Russian, the Byelorussian language seems like a gibberish made out of Russian words and letters. In reality, though, it’s a completely independent tongue and not even a dialect of Russian.

Their traditional clothing is very much like the Russian and Ukrainian attires. So much so, it seems identical to a foreign eye, and even for most Slavic eyes, for that matter. The customs, celebrations, and traditions are very similar amongst the three as well.

What’s important to remember is that Byelorussian culture isn’t a weird copy of the cultures of their larger neighbors. All three are unique in their own ways. If you say this opinion out loud amongst the Byelorussians — they’ll likely hit you.

Image of Byelorussian traditional attires

Why aren’t their women popular?

Now that you know who the Byelorussians are, you’re probably wondering if they’re anything like their cousins from Ukraine and Russia and also why nobody talks about them. Well, there are several reasons for that.

Most of them come to the very same fact that Belarus isn’t a very well-known country for anyone, save Europeans (and maybe not even all of them).

The general overshadowing

Cultural differences aside (not many people understand them anyway), the differences between the three peoples are not very significant. Don’t get the wrong idea, the Ukrainians, for instance, aren’t the same as Russians — and it shows. But it’s obvious that they have the same or very similar mentality, way of life, traditions, customs and so forth.

For Byelorussians, it’s even more relevant. Sadly, their own culture isn’t very healthy. The language is only spoken at home in the far West of the land, the Russian takes up the duty in its stead. And many other aspects of the way they live have been heavily influenced by the Russians over the years.

The point is, for an unsharpened eye of a stranger, there really isn’t much difference between a Byelorussian and a Russian. If you’re choosing whether to come to Russia or to Belarus to know the women there a bit better — 9 times out of 10 you’ll pick Russia. Why?

Belarus isn’t very comfortable

Reliably, you can only meet the Byelorussian women in their home country, or in the neighboring territories. Very rarely do they create the communities abroad. And when they choose to stay with the community, they sometimes identify themselves as Russians or join the Russian community but still say that they are Byelorussians.

So, if you want to meet a few of them, you’ll have to plan a trip to Belarus. And, as mentioned, there’s not much worth seeing apart from nature. Well, and women. If you think it’s enough to pick this place for a summer vacation – then feel free to come.

Even if you aren’t a very big fan of forests and lakes, and only wish to come here out of interest — you’ll do just fine sticking by the capital, Minsk. It’s the most civilized and developed city of all in the country. However, it’s not as developed as other capital cities in Europe. Despite this, it’s clean, calm and quite cheap.

Nevertheless, most people would still choose to come to Moscow or Kyiv, rather than Minsk. Moscow is further away to the East, and Kyiv — to the South. But they are much more comfortable and have a lot more to offer a tourist. It’s a nice city, but not a competition.

How does dating Byelorussian women feel like?

There are different kinds of a Byelorussian person, much less a Byelorussian woman. Generally, there are two very large groups that you can roughly divide a Byelorussian population into. It’s not a scientific data or anything alike, just a wild observation:

  1. The majority of the local population that doesn’t differ on the surface from their average Russian counterparts. And even internally, all the aspects that aren’t heavily influenced by a personality are very much alike;
  2. The others. In the far West of the country and in many other regions there live the people who very zealously guard their own culture, language and sometimes even their un-Russian faith, Catholicism. Many feel that they shouldn’t forget their ways now that nobody forbids them. They are something else.

Different kinds of Byelorussians

The first group is quite easy to understand if you had had to deal with Russians before. They are very similar, therefore dating Byelorussians women of such sort isn’t very different from dating Russian ladies. Taking into account, of course, the fact that personalities of all people make it hard to anticipate much of how your encounter will go.

Take even two people from the same ethnic group — they are very alike in some ways, but they also may be completely opposite in other aspects. Surely, you understand this correction.

With the second group, however, there’s always a chance the woman you’ll find in it will be pretty peculiar. Not only because they are raised in slightly different traditions, circumstances and maybe even values.

There’s also the unique Slavic component that even an eye unfamiliar with Russians or Slavs at all can catch. The peculiarities that define such type of person are all on the surface. They are very proud, but pretty conservative and sometimes maybe even archaic.

It may not even be so that your girlfriend will try to tell you about her origins all the time, but if you were to ask something about their way of life or maybe even history — it’s certain she’ll be more or less excited to tell you at least something about it.

Image of lady in forest

And you know, if you’ve ever wanted to date beautiful women from strange and unexplored cultures, it is your chance. However the Byelorussian women may be raised, they are always attractive, that’s for sure. Though, of course, this and pretty much all of the above depends on the person you’re dealing with. So, come and experience it yourself if you like.

In conclusion

Dating Byelorussians women is relatively similar to dating Russians, in theory. They are quite akin, but not many people even know of their existence because of the huge overshadowing the Russian give the country. It’s much easier and much more comfortable to land in Russia and, you know, start romancing people.

The Byelorussians, however, aren’t any worse. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find Byelorussian women superior to their Russian cousins. All in all, you should try such things yourself if you can. If you’re a European, you can even come here in a car, it’s even better this way — you’ll see all the fabulous nature the locals tried and still try to preserve.

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