Why Czech mail order brides are the best for you

A complete tutorial on dating beautiful Czech brides, adapting to their culture and values. Top dating tips for courting, seducing, and marrying a Czech girl

Blonde Czech girls and their personality
How to court a Czech bride
The age gap and other pitfalls: how to overcome?

Blonde Czech girls and their personality

If you’re fascinated by a Barbie type, blonde or chestnut, slim and feminine – then you’ll definitely fall for Czech girls. They do have shining eyes and shining smiles as well.

Moreover, they look equally stunning in fancy dresses and in casual T-shirts, – just like the famous doll. The only difference is that they are super smart and extremely passionate!

Czech women have a character. They are funny, humorous, refined, strong-willed, and sweet. Yes, such a rare combination of traits really exists! They respect themselves too much to be a burden.

They pay for themselves, consider your wishes, and don’t follow you if you choose to stop your communication. Watch out as it can be your turn to chase a girl if you’re in Prague!

Almost all of them look like models and possess natural beauty even without heavy make-up. Being in their company brings a huge visual and emotional pleasure along with a great mood.

They laugh easily, dance freely and express their desires directly. They literally make you feel alive and refreshed. But there are certain rules that you have to follow if you don’t want to spoil it all.

Be a gentleman with good manners – Czech women enjoy that. At the same time, don’t be too fussy around her. She likes to feel your care but to remain your equal partner, still.

Don’t try to show your macho side, talk about your past conquers, or demonstrate your big income – they have enough of that stuff with their local men. Be yourself and let them breath!

The more natural and easy-going you are, the more profitable it is for you. Don’t talk about sex on the first meeting. She needs to make much longer observations and then take a final decision.

How to court a Czech bride

Although they are very open-minded, friendly, and sensual, they perfectly know what they deserve. A long-term relationship and treating them like a queen is a part of the plan!

But you can be lucky enough to meet a bored hottie in a music bar or a nightclub and impress her with your behaviour – gallant and obedient at the same time.

Don’t forget about the sense of humour.

This country is famous for its comical authors and actors. So good jokes are literally in their genes. Don’t care much about the type of clothes you wear when you go out with her though.

It should be anything comfortable and casual, just make sure your shoes are very well cleaned and your watches are rather prestigious. One touch of a good cologne is enough.

Luckily, Czech women don’t expect you to take them to the most expensive restaurant, even when you are proposing or it’s their mother’s Birthday. They will always prefer a natural environment.

Very cosy atmosphere is also preferable, they want a place where you can laugh, hug, or slow dance without thinking about others’ reactions and opinions. Enjoy going out to the fullest!

Choose simple and calm topics for your conversation. You can share your interests and even dreams with Czech girls, they are very friendly and trustworthy. In return, show some patience.

When it’s needed, listen about their life. They are never into drama. It’s going to be a light talk and sooner or later she will start flirting. React lightly as well. She must feel at ease with you.

After all your efforts, a moment will come when this bunny will jump to your bed and give you those unforgettable moments. It’s natural for Czech girls, too, and it’s highly enjoyable.

If she is hesitant in getting closer, or you want to thank her for the best sex in your life, present her flowers. Just remember: one rose is the best option. It’s also budget-saving!

Czech women are superstitious and believe that even number brings a bad luck. Plus, big bunches of flowers are an old fashion and luckily, Czech Republic isn’t old-fashioned.

Stay confident. It’s easy to lose faith in yourself seeing their outstanding beauty and lots of eager local men around. But if you follow all our tips and add some charm, you’ll win.

The age gap and other pitfalls: how to overcome?

Nice men are always in high demand. A bonus: you don’t need to worry about the age gap dating or having a hookup in the Czech Republic. Forget about others’ opinion and relax.

It’s quite normal here to date much younger women or an older woman. You can see the examples of that everywhere. Don’t steal your own happiness and satisfaction: follow your instincts!

Like the majority of Eastern European women, Czech women do not consider the age gap a problem. There are so many successful couples that prove it, and not only based on sugar dating.

Unlike Russian or Ukrainian women, Czech girls do not even require that an older man should look youthful, or a younger guy should look mature. They can fall in love anyway.

It’s fascinating about them, and about Czech society in general. They accept people as they are, without ridiculous and hurting stereotypes. Many foreigners find this atmosphere relieving.

Even dating a single mother in Prague is less stressful than in lots of other countries. The frequent and most common problem is absent here: mothers do not worship their kids like Gods.

These unique women manage to healthily balance relations between all family members regardless of age, sex, status, or other factors. They are super reasonable and fair.

Czech mothers teach their children to be respectful towards their partner as well, simply because he’s a man, and he’s wiser or more experienced than little kids.

So it really works.

Czech Republic is one of the rare countries where your female partner’s kid wouldn’t compare you to their dad, and treat you like a good older friend. Yes, it really exists.

What about dating a virgin in Prague? If you prefer girls in their late teens, you must know that the age of consent in Czech Republic is 15 years old. Many girls are still virgins at 15.

If you are acquainted with her parents, well-accepted by them, and a girl confirms she is in love with you, it might be totally ok for the two of you to date and go out.

Maybe the society will not be completely welcoming to the age gap which is so considerable, but no one is going to severely judge you, especially if you hang out in decent places.

As you can see, there are no big obstacles in Prague against any kind of dating that might be attractive to you, so just take a chance and find happiness you have been dreaming of.

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