What advantages do foreigners have in dating Polish girls

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Dating Polish girls for some is the goal to achieve one day. It’s understandable because once you type ‘Slavic women’ in the search bar, you’ll get either Russians, Ukrainians or Polish as a result. They make for a nice… fetish because you can’t find a picture where a Polish woman doesn’t seem good-looking. In the end, dating Poles is pretty similar to dating Ukrainians or Russians.

Table of content:

  1. Why is it easier to date other Slavs
  2. Is it the same in Poland?
  3. The hospitability
  4. How the Westerners are viewed
  5. The status of English in the land
  6. How they treat people from different countries in Poland?
  7. Not everyone is greeted equally
  8. Other Slavs
  9. To summarize
  10. In conclusion

But at the same time, they are much closer to the West in all aspects and also less isolated. Whereas you can imagine how easier it must be to date a Ukrainian for you, as a foreigner, it’s unclear for Poland. It would be nice to have some kind of advantages because dating Slavs isn’t simple and you can also gain a lot from this relationship.

So, let’s see if the Polish girls have any predisposition to foreigners.

Why is it easier to date other Slavs

The Eastern Slavs (Byelorussians, Russians, and Ukrainians) largely stick to their own. Even after emigration, they form or join the communities that speak their own language and share their own culture. The cities, apart from some of the larger ones, aren’t meant for outsiders to visit. There are no English-speaking guides and signs, and rarely anyone speaks the language.

Add the fact that it’s hard for foreigners to visit these Eastern-most edges of Europe, and you’ll get the environment that’s somehow both hospitable and inhospitable for visitors from without.

While most people here can’t communicate with them properly, foreigners are also viewed as ‘interesting’. Russians, for instance, mostly see Americans and Europeans on the cinema, making interactions with them quite thrilling (given you know any English at all).

This fact alone won’t win you hearts, but if a woman from these parts liked you, the resulting relationship will be a much more interesting experience.

Is it the same in Poland?

Given that Poland is also a Slavic and a fairly Eastern country, one could wonder if the situation is the same there. But it’s a bit less frustrating, in fact.

The hospitability

While Poles are rumored to be one of the most jingoistic societies of modern Europe, it doesn’t mean that visitors from abroad will be looked down upon. On the contrary, the locals are trying their best to show the great nations of the West that they aren’t communist anymore.

Anyone is welcome here unless you come here to impose the ideas nobody wants to adopt, that is. 

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How the Westerners are viewed

Visitors from the West are a lot more common here. They have a lot to gain here, and Poland’s also a great tourist destination. All in all, Westerners aren’t something extraordinary, like further in the East. But it’s still not every day that English-speaking gentleman comes up to you and tries to communicate.

At the same time, public opinion about foreigners, especially Americans and Western Europeans is usually very high. So, if you tell one of these Polish girls that you’re in fact a Westerner, she may get extremely excited, considering that:

  1. Yet foreigners aren’t an unusual sight, talking to one is still a unique experience;
  2. For them, it’s especially thrilling to talk to a person from the US or Western Europe, they are welcomed with very open arms;
  3. Given she learns English, it would be a nice practice

The status of English in the land

English has a peculiar position in this Slavic country. All the while you could anticipate a very narrow usage of the language, it is in fact very popular. Poland is the ninth-best English-speaking country in Europe. And even on an individual level, Poles handle it with great care, putting it on signs and notes for general information.

English is still not as widely used here as in bordering Germany or Sweden to the North. There, people know the language on such a level that even some Brits would get outshined.

But here, an average speaker is still ‘learning’, making it a bit of an advantage for a person who’d want to date some Polish girls. Practicing your English with an outsider whom you also like is a nice combination. It opens a large specter of possibilities, and also makes for an exciting romance as well.

At least you don’t have to learn the local language to understand the locals (Unlike in Russia, for instance).

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How Poles treat people from different countries?

As you could see, the majority of words like ‘foreigner’ above are easily swapped with ‘Westerner’. It’s not the same thing, but for most Slavs, it’s the first image that comes to mind. To narrow it down even further, the most interesting person would be an American or a Briton. Those are the people you can see on TV the most, everyone knows who they are, but not many interacted with them face-to-face.

But they are not the only people out there, are they?

Not everyone is greeted equally

There are also cultures which the Poles aren’t very keen on getting to know. It doesn’t apply to every Pole, mind you, but there may be some prejudice. It’s mostly to Asians and Muslims, the culture the Poles understand the least.

It’s not to say it’s taboo to date someone from another part of the Globe, but it may be uncomfortable for Polish girls to spend time with you if you display some of your more un-Polish features. It also depends on the person in question, so don’t give it too much thought. Just remember that Poland is a very proud nation, it would be enough.

Other Slavs

When it comes to Eastern Europe, one of the most interesting subjects always was and still remains the interweaving of relations between Slavic nations. They don’t all hate each other, despite the popular belief. There are some nations that tend to despise their neighbors more than usual, however.

Poland may sound like a country that hates everyone else, but it’s not entirely true. And it’s also not fair to call out entire countries for hating other nations. But let’s say this: a lot of socially active Poles (those Polish girls included) don’t like the Russians. But it’s more of a political of a historical thing — things that not many people care about.

On the other hand, there are Ukrainians. They affect the lives of many Poles directly, by migrating to Poland. And since Poles don’t like migrants very much, many of them openly hate the Ukrainians (or at least not hold them in high regard).

Other than that, they don’t care about the Southern Slavs or their neighbors in other Balkan countries. In popular Polish belief, Serbs or Croats, for instance, are something of weird cousins.

The Western Slavs (Czechs and Slovaks), however, are treated quite friendly. There are really not a lot of reasons for these countries to hate each other. They are big pals historically and politically. And on an individual level, speaking to a Czech person is a pretty sweet experience for a Pole. They are pretty similar, and yet very unique. There’s generally a brotherly attitude towards them.

To summarize

In summary, the Poles are generally pretty hospitable towards foreigners, but it doesn’t give a lot of advantages in dating those Polish girls everyone wants to date. Unless you know English, that is. Apart from better communication, you also provide a fun experience. Not to mention that speaking English makes you look like a Westerner, especially if you’re good at English.

Everyone likes to interact with Westerners, even those who claim to hate America. Poles – even more so. They have long been identifying themselves with the West rather than East.

It’s not to say that being a Westerner makes you the most desirable figure around. You also need to amiable, and that’s also challenging.

In conclusion

English really opens a lot of doors, in the romantic aspect also. And not only because it’s interesting to date a person who speaks English well, but due to the half-mythical image of English-speaking foreigners in Eastern Europe. They are not frequent here, you can mostly see them on TV, and there they are abundant.

All in all, that’s the whole advantage. There may also be a monetary stimulus (dating you for your money, that is), but it’s not very fair to assume something of the sort. It’s not improbable, though, that’s Eastern Europe after all.

That’s all for this article, it seems. But if you’d like to know more about dating women from Eastern Europe — feel free to explore whatever other articles this website has to offer. Otherwise, you can also watch the video below:

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