Ukraine mail order brides: how does it work?

Meet Ukrainian mail order brides for romance and marriage

If you’ve been thinking of finding a life partner in Eastern Europe, perhaps you’re already familiar with the term Ukraine mail order brides. For someone who is new to the whole online dating thing it may sound a bit confusing, so let us discuss it in more detail.

Table of content:

  1. The origin of the term
  2. 19th century, the American frontier
  3. 20th century, around the globe
  4. Ukraine mail order brides in the 21st century
  5. Why would a foreign man go for a Ukrainian mail order wife?
  6. Can you buy a mail order bride form Ukraine?
  7. Why would a Ukrainian woman want to become a mail order bride?

Ukrainian mail order brides on international dating sites

The origin of the term

Mail order brides were first mentioned a couple of centuries ago, and since that time the term had evolved into something different altogether.

19th century, the American frontier

The term “mail order bride” or “mail order wife” was used by farm and rancho owners during the time of the American frontier in the 19th century. With the shortage of available women and terribly skewed male-to-female ratio, men tried to solve the problem as best as they could. Reaching out to the women in the eastern regions turned out to be one of the best solutions.

It was implemented by putting matrimonial advertisements in the local newspapers. If a girl found a certain ad appealing, she would send her reply and include a photo or two. They would exchange a few letters before a man would propose. It was not uncommon for a bride and a groom to see each other for the first time on their wedding day.

20th century, around the globe

Mail order brides of the 20th century were known as girls who used to put their profiles in different catalogues in order to meet a potential life partner from their home country or abroad. The majority of these women resided in developing countries of Latina America, Asia and post soviet bloc, and their searches were geared towards finding men from richer states. Lots of Ukrainian, Russian, Belorussian and Moldavian brides were extremely successful as mail order brides as they’re traditionally considered an excellent wife material.

Ukraine mail order brides in the 21st century

Ukrainian mail order wives looking for soul mates abroadIn the world of today, the term Ukrainian mail order brides applies to women from Ukraine using international dating services in searches of romance and marriage with men from the USA, Western Europe, Canada, Australia and other countries. Availability of communication tools makes it fairly easy to handle a long-distance relationship. People get connected on dating sites and keep corresponding for weeks, months or even years before meeting each other face-to-face.

Generally speaking, online dating with Ukraine mail order brides involves writing mails, exchanging messages, setting up Skype dates, talking by phone, sending each other postcards and gifts, and so on. Meeting each other in real life is the next logical step. Usually it’s a man who travels to his girlfriend’s homeland in order to meet her and her family. If there is a spark between them, and they feel it’s possible for them to build a strong relationship based on mutual respect and affection, usually they get married and a woman moves to her husband’s country.

Why would a foreign man go for a Ukrainian mail order wife?

Simply put, a lot of women in the United State, Western Europe, Canada or Australia don’t meet the requirements of men in their respective countries. It’s extremely hard for a family-oriented man to find a woman who would share his attitude towards marriage and family.

Contemporary girls in the west tend to prioritize career, hobbies, travel, personal development and social life. And there’s nothing bad about that, but the problem is that family and kids always come last in the list of their priorities. Ukraine mail order brides, on the contrary, are famed for their traditional family values and a strong focus on becoming a wife and mother.

They also possess a vast array of household skills. Ukrainian girls are taught cooking, washing up, gardening and keeping their home tidy and clean since they’re very small. Apart from that, many Ukrainian women are brilliantly educated and well-read – not having a degree or two is frowned upon in Eastern Europe.

And of course, last but not least, Ukrainian girls are unmatched for their charm and beauty, and they dress up to accentuate their appealing looks.

Can you buy a mail order bride form Ukraine?

If you order something online, you pay for it. However, it would be ridiculous to think in these terms about finding a life partner. Women are not for sale, period. It’s illegal to buy or sell human beings in the world of today, if someone is still not aware of that.

But of course, you can upon an odd site that offers one to ship a girl to the highest bidder. Needless to say, those are scams, and you’ll end up with an empty pocket and a broken heart if you go that way.

Mail order wife from Ukraine searching for a husband abroadIf you’ve been thinking of meeting an attractive, intelligent and family oriented Ukrainian girl, the right way of action is to join a reputable dating site. International dating services are all over the internet, so it won’t be difficult for you to locate one or two. The majority of these sites are free for Ukraine mail order brides, but men are requested to pay for membership.

There is no guarantee of finding your life partner on a dating site – they only bring people together and help them get to know each other. With a paid membership, you’ll get an unlimited access to a huge database of Ukrainian women’s profiles. It’s allows to contact as many of them as you want.

When a woman responds positively, it’s up to you whether to keep talking to her on the site or ask for her email address and phone number. An outcome of your long distance relationship depends on a number of factors: things you have in common, chemistry between the two of you, her readiness to start a family abroad and so on.

There are also challenges you should be aware of, including language barrier (few people in Ukraine speak reasonable English), cultural clashes, travel expenses and visa issues. In any case, it’s entirely up to the two of you whether you’re willing to become a couple, settle down and tie the knot. Once you take your communication off the dating site, they don’t participate in the process any longer.

Why would a Ukrainian woman want to become a mail order bride?

There are plenty of reasons why Eastern European women would like to find a husband abroad. First of all, the number of males is significantly lower than a number of females in Ukraine. Needless to say, it makes local men arrogant and egocentric – they don’t take trouble over charming a woman or courting her, and it’s effortless for them to find yet another girl. Moreover, lots of Slavic men suffer from drinking issues and drug abuse.

Besides, in the world of today we’re no longer limited by geographical borders when choosing a partner. Thanks to the internet and low cost of air tickets the globe is growing increasingly smaller, and it’s no longer impossible to have a relationship with someone from another continent. Ukraine mail order brides willingly broaden their horizons when it comes to finding a soul mate.

Many Eastern European girls believe that western men are more responsible, caring, loyal and gentlemanlike than the local ones. They’re also motivated by financial security a western husband has to offer. And it doesn’t make them overly materialistic or ruthless. An average salary in Ukraine rarely exceeds $300 or $400, and it’s logical that a woman is trying to secure a better life for her future kids. It’s simply part of the mentality of Ukrainian brides.

Ukrainian women are also pretty adaptable – it doesn’t take them long to learn a language, make friends and find a job in a new country, so moving abroad is not an obstacle.

Whether you manage to get a wife or not, dating Ukraine mail order brides is a rewarding experience you’ll never regret. They are charming, beautiful, hilarious, open minded and very easy to talk to. Don’t hesitate to join an international dating site – it might be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

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