The mentality of Ukrainian brides and how to date them

Top facts about Ukrainian women and Odessa girls, how to court and marry a girl in Ukraine. Travel tips for beginners, the best tutorial on visiting Ukrainian brides

Irresistible and seductive Ukrainian girls
The economical aspect: is Ukrainian dating cheap?
The pitfalls and nuances of the bride choice in Ukraine

Irresistible and seductive Ukrainian girls

Ukrainian girls broke the world record on their beauty and sexuality. They grown super popular after the Maidan Revolution, but even before that, many of them became famous wives.

Alexandra Nikolayenko married to a billionaire Phil Raffin, Olga Kurylenko married to a French fashion photographer Cedric van Mol, and thousands of others, married to simple men.

So what is their main secret, why are they even more interesting for westerners today than Russian beauties, and what do we really know about Ukrainian girls’ mentality?

Odessa, Ukrainian resort is one of the most popular dating destinations in the world. After Crimea became a part of Russia, unofficially, Odessa keeps on being the leading vacation place.

As Ukrainian city, Odessa has also been a part of USSR. If you try dating the ladies of 35+ years old, you may still see a slight shadow of conservative thinking in them.

However, very young girls don’t have those memories and their upbringing was less strict. They nearly aren’t limited at all in their sexual behaviour or a sense of fashion.

When you observe them walking on the streets they rather remind Paris girls or Milano girls – fashionable and feminine. Even the least provided girls manage to pick bright and fancy clothes.

For some reason, this pleasant phenomenon can be observed mostly in Odessa. It is a long-time tradition that women here make an accent on their good looks and femininity.about Ukrainian girls

Maybe, it comes from the fact that girls in this harbour city had to hope for coming sailors only while searching for a husband, so they had to keep themselves neat and fancy most of the time.

But this amazing city is also considered the capital of humour and the capital of unique cuisine, partially Jewish, partially Greek, Bulgarian, and Ukrainian. It’s one of the yummiest worldwide!

Typically, girls there do have an excellent sense of humour, positive life position, and are perfect chefs. It’s certainly an important bonus to their natural beauty and sensuality.

Of course, Ukrainian dating isn’t focused on Odessa brides only. There are smaller resorts in Ukraine such as Berdyansk, Genichesk, and they’re filled with single hotties as well.

Not talking about Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine which is similar to many other megapolises of the world, with its loud nightclubs, big stylish restaurants, and stunning model-looking girls.

The economical aspect: is Ukrainian dating cheap?

The average salary in Odessa is 300 USD which is much higher than a decade ago but still isn’t sufficient. No wonder that they expect a man’s assistance in shopping and living costs.

Yet, women are usually business-minded and do their best in order to have some start-ups and projects with their father’s or boyfriend’s help. Girls in Odessa cannot rely on local men much though.

They are often lazier than the women, have drinking issues and do not concentrate on one girl only. That’s why many women are into international dating and they spend years searching for a mate.

Sometimes it’s striking how many international tourists you can see on the main street or on the beach. But if you’re a jealous type, you should calm down as Ukrainian girls are quite selective.

If the admirer is an obvious playboy, ill-mannered or greedy, ignorant towards her family needs and their financial struggle, he’ll most probably remain just an admirer and nothing more.Ukrainian dating cheap

Although they are often open-minded about sex and relationships, they are far from Swedish or Polish emotional independence and are in fact focused on the idea of classical marriage.

It always makes sense to ask about a girl’s background, her parents’ acquaintance and relationship, her habit to take care of other family members, her ability to cook etc.

Many will confess that they want a baby or a second child. But modern girls want to explore the world first, and to integrate into the man’s life and western society prior to that.

Try to get her frank answers to your questions and find out what she really needs aside from the expensive shoes. Maybe her granny needs a medicine, it’s not difficult at all to get it.

Or maybe her younger brother needs something for the school, it’s normally not very costly and you can show you’re a decent man by helping out. But you should cut her if she wants more.

In general, Ukrainian women are trustworthy and genuine, they are real sweeties who want love and reliability. But there are certain cases when it’s reasonable to be suspicious about a girl:

when she’s in hurry home on every date, especially after some unexplained phone call;

when she says she lives in a distanced village and the taxi price is quite enormous;

when she speaks only about her financial needs and other topics don’t interest her;

when she says she’s from the war area (Donetsk or Lugansk) and all her belongings got burnt including the house and the wardrobe, but she has no proves of that.

Of course, some of that can be true but you should definitely wait with any big investments until you reach at least basic level of understanding and romance. It’s a common sense.marry a girl in Ukraine

The pitfalls and nuances of the bride choice in Ukraine

As to the war topic, most of the girls in Odessa got their concrete position about it. 70 percents are patriotic and other 30 percents are on the Russian side, keep this in mind.

If you don’t know how to fill the breaks in conversation, ask her about her political position and you’ll be provided with her long speech. But it’s much more recommended to avoid it.

In case you’re searching for a long-time partner, try to define from the beginning whether she is very attached to her roots. Be wise and analyze whether she is ready to relocate.

If her mother is an old sick woman, or her father is very strict and limiting, or her job is too good to leave it, or her kid won’t adapt to a new environment, you have to make your conclusions.

But multiple success stories show Ukrainian women are flexible and smart enough to get adapted to any new environment, whether it’s a huge city or a quiet countryside in the US.

All they need is a feeling of security, a strong man’s shoulder, being confident in his emotional stability and determination. When it is present, Ukrainian women blossom to the utmost.

They are so far from the newest feminist tendencies and they don’t seem to adopt them in near future, so their partners can be sure about their strong family values and sweet devotion.

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