Several reasons why you might want to date Estonian ladies

When somebody addresses the fact that women in Eastern Europe look good, they often have an image of a Pole or a Russian in their head. Less frequently Ukrainians and Czechs come to mind, but there are so many more countries where beautiful women live and prosper. You guessed it — probably because it’s in the name — this article is about Estonia and the Estonian ladies.

Table of content:

  1. Are they really that attractive?
  2. There are many Russians in Estonia
  3. There are also ties to Scandinavia
  4. Why give them a chance
  5. It’s more likely to hear English speech here
  6. Traveling to Estonia is fairly easier than traveling to Russia
  7. Estonians like the European visitors
  8. Should you come here, in the end?
  9. The state of Estonia itself
  10. In conclusion

It’s likely one of the last countries in Europe that would even come to your mind, but it’s worth giving it a chance. Estonian ladies are pretty attractive, you can see that just by walking outside in the city of Tallinn (the capital). Unlike Russia or Poland, nobody comes to this country to take a gander at them. Probably, because rarely anyone outside of Europe can point it out on the map.

Nevertheless, there are several very valid reasons why you should come to Estonia on vacation and maybe consider dating the local women while you’re at it. 

Are they really that attractive?

If you make some research on this subject, it’ll turn out that tourists who visit Estonia actually indicate that women here are surprisingly good-looking on average. It’s like there aren’t women who don’t qualify as beautiful at least to some degree, for some reason.

In fact, there may be a few reasons for that, but they are pretty subjective and aren’t reinforced by any respectable material. It’s mostly just an opinion based on history, geography, and observations. If you don’t feel like it’s worth your time, just skip the following subparagraphs.

There are many Russians in Estonia

About a quarter of the Estonian population is, in fact, Russian. Sometimes you can’t even tell if a person is Russian, because they at times don’t even speak Russian or show their ethnicity in any other way.

And, as you know, Russian women are pretty attractive themselves, making a chance that you’ll meet a hot woman here pretty high, even though she may not even be Estonian herself.

Russians also have long roots in the region. Despite the fact that Russians never actually stayed in the area for a time long enough to take root here (they moved in and out on a regular basis), the Russian presence was always here. Hence, they’ve been giving their genes to the local population for a long time

There are also ties to Scandinavia

Another region where pretty ladies are not rare — Scandinavia — has a bit of history with Estonia as well. The country was, for a long time, under Danish influence, then under Swedish control, then under Finnish (not a Scandinavian country, but close) patronage.

This, of course, meant some migration from and to Scandinavian countries. As of late, by far the most popular country to work in is Finland. Finns, however, don’t have a sizeable population here, no did Finnish men married to Estonian ladies for generations (unlike Russians). Nevertheless, Estonians are very closely related to the people in this region, bringing even more genes of… attractiveness, so to speak.

Why give them a chance

Apart from general beauty, Estonian ladies have a lot to offer. They have traits that make dating them more pleasant, all the while not making you feel like you’re putting a lot of effort into this relationship.

Still, many of the things below may not be much help to you. In any case, the taste is taste, and if you don’t feel like dating women from the country you know nothing about — it’s alright. It’s not like you miss a lot by ignoring this opportunity.

Image of a talking couple

It’s more likely to hear English speech here

It may sound like a convenient bonus, to have a partner that speaks your language well, but it’s not. Many relationships that would otherwise work out become impossible due to a very primitive knowledge of this language on your partner’s side.

Dating Russians is pretty hard because of this factor, for instance. The Estonians, on the other hand, make learning the English language a priority. Many young Estonians, Estonian ladies included, specifically learn the language to emigrate or at least to have more chance of getting a well-paid job at home.

English here isn’t more popular by a margin, however. It receives more attention than it does in Russia, the center of the capital is full of English-speaking Estonians. They work here, and they generally interact with people who speak English way more than those who live further to the periphery.

Traveling to Estonia is fairly easier than traveling to Russia

It doesn’t apply to all the circumstances, as the disclaimer above stated. However, if you live in Europe, the United States or Canada, you may find traveling to Russia a bit of a challenge. It’s especially true since most things worth seeing in Russia are located deep inside the European part of Eurasia, all the while being pretty far from most countries of the EU.

At the same time, Estonia is much closer to the Western countries and also more accessible due to the visa-free regime for the countries of the EU, for the US and Canada.

So, if you wanted to:

  1. Try dating Russian women (whom Estonians resemble to a degree);
  2. Try dating Estonian women;
  3. Try to improve your Russian in its natural habitat

…all the while living in Europe, then you should consider traveling to Estonia for a vacation.

Image of an interesting conversation

Estonians like the European visitors

Despite the fact that Estonia has long ago joined the European Union, the visitors from the West are still pretty scarce. It seems unfair, given that Estonians really like the Westerners. They feel that they are way more connected to the West in many ways than to Russia and the former Soviet countries.

Estonian people really like the other Europeans, especially if they come from the far West. They find interactions with them pretty interesting, which isn’t surprising — when you hear so much good about certain people, but never have a chance of talking to them, you seize every opportunity to do so.

The people of the Baltic countries are probably even more happy to greet foreigners than the Poles or the Ukrainians, for instance.

All this can give you a quick head-start when you decide to stark a conversation with some of the local Estonian ladies. When you’ve had your talk, you may even found that you both have hobbies or interests in common, making hanging out together pretty tempting.

Should you come here, in the end?

All things considered, the question of whether it’s worth coming to Estonia just to date local women stands.

The state of Estonia itself

It all depends solely on the position you find yourself in. If it’s easy for you to travel to this country for some time, then go ahead. Estonia isn’t exactly a country where spending time is so boring and unbearable that the only thing worth seeing here is women.

In fact, Estonia is a pretty civilized and beautiful country. It’s not very costly to stay here, and the environment doesn’t feel cheap. There are lots of sights you can see, and the special bonus is attractive women (or vice versa, depending on your priorities in life).

In conclusion

Maybe you should give Estonian ladies a chance, though you probably don’t know much about them. True, you’ll have to see if going there even worth the hassle, but it’s still much easier to travel to Estonia that to go to Russia (given, you live in the West).

You should also consider if the women from Estonia are even in your taste, because they may very well not be. And it doesn’t only mean attractiveness, the locals may not be your match in regards to temper, habits or the view on the world. All in all, see for yourself, the article was just a tip-off.

Hopefully, the article was at least some use to you. But if it wasn’t, maybe the other publications will — who knows? Try this one, for example. But if you feel done with reading for today, check out the video below, it may very well turn out to be pretty helpful:

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