Russian brides: Top facts you didn’t know

Your complete dating guide for meeting beautiful Russian women and finding your perfect match in Russia. Learn how to date sexy Eastern European girls in Moscow

Are Russian girls naturally beautiful?
Russian women’s views on sex
Russian brides and money: are they budget-saving?

Are Russian girls naturally beautiful?

Russian women’s beauty is legendary, and the trend of dating them went viral. But do we already know everything about enigmatic Slavic brides, and what do we have to learn?

The main unique trait that attracts to them, is their natural beauty. So let’s study whether they are really that surgery-free and have a genuine sex appeal, like none other ethnicity.

Just a few decades ago, plastic surgery was non-affordable for simple people in Russia. Only celebrities were making it, not even very successfully. This idea seemed totally wild to many.

Today though, about twenty percent of youth in Moscow and other big cities are able to find a good specialist and pay for his services.

Those are mostly models and/or rich daddy’s daughters.

For a man who dated fake beauties in the west already, it isn’t hard to recognize those typical features and shapes making all women look same. So it completely depends on your tastes and Russian girls on dating apps

If you want to avoid fake lips and noses at all costs, avoid professional models as well, just like spoiled girls from wealthy families who spend all their day on Instagram.

That’s why it is advised to meet Russian girls on dating apps, not on social networks. There are more chances you’ll see their daily casual photos and make conclusions about their real looks.

Don’t worry, there are still many natural-looking beauties who live their simple life in villages, smaller towns, poor families, and they are just genuinely stunning.

Naturally blonde, naturally big-eyed, with sensual lips, big or medium breasts of perfect shape, Russian ladies are a classical pattern of beauty and femininity each man desires.

Russian women’s views on sex

Since Eastern European girls are still considered conservative and traditional due to the communistic past of the country, men have controversial wishes on that matter.

On one side, they want Russian girls to be super modest and cutely shy, because it’s a guarantee of their faithfulness in a relationship. One-man women are such a dearly cherished dream.

But on another side, men want Russian lovers to be totally free from taboos, open-minded, ready for experimenting and trying new things.

Why else would we need a life partner?

Well, both categories of men should be informed that Eastern European women are in a middle of their sexual progress. Their culture is already a bit westernized, but only a bit.

In fact, this evolution has started long before the first international marital agencies appeared on the Internet and Russian mail order brides became a loud social phenomenon.beautiful Russian women

A good example of that is the Little Vera movie that has been released in 1988, still in Soviet Union times, but contained very frank sexual scenes, for the first time in Russian cinematography.

For sure, it was scandalous, but it has been very well accepted and it perfectly reflected the passionate, wondering nature of Russian women who only needed some hope for a better future.

Returning to the previous paragraph, it’s really impressive how naturally beautiful and sexy the main actress in this movie was: a perfect facial shape, playful glance, and super seductive lips.

It is logical that nowadays, 40 years after, Russian girls have learned to express their sexiness even more freely, which fascinates foreign single men and attracts thousands of them to Russia.

The difference of Eastern European brides from western ones is that Slavic women aren’t feminist at all and they are focused on their partner in a bed more than on themselves.

It doesn’t mean they are submissive, like some of the Asian females, but they trust their true nature and their sexual instincts, without being too pedantic and over-educated like American chicks.

It means, if a Russian girl had multiple orgasms with you, it wasn’t thanks to some popular workshop she recently attended, but purely thanks to her inborn sensuality and strong feelings.

Western men often find themselves missing this incredible natural femininity a lot, and get extremely attracted to Russian brides who possess such a quality without limits.

Russian brides and money: are they budget-saving?

Again, this area of Russian dating is perceived and described in a controversial way. Some negatively thinking men talk about the scam only, while others date in Russia very cheaply.

So it should be cleared up as well. Dating in Eastern Europe can be cheap or expensive, it really depends on a girl type and the particular place or method of the acquaintance.

For instance, the nightclubs are same in all capitals of the world: they’re costly. If you’re hunting for a girl there, it may cost you a fortune especially if you aren’t careful enough.

Another risky category is fancy Bimbo girls who used to waste their parents’ money, and glamorous ladies who inherited houses and cars from their former husbands.

It is so obvious that all of them will repeat the same scenario with each new man or even just an admirer. Carefulness is keenly needed in all these cases, and women predators are recognizable.

But for sure, even the biggest dangers in Russia cannot be compared to those in the west. Russian women do not use lawyers’ or criminals’ help in order to get a man’s money.

If to avoid super luxurious females who wear Prada and Gucci, it is quite easy to find a down-to-earth girlfriend in Russia. There are millions of them, and they’re happy with the smallest gifts.attracted to Russian brides

In this regard, Russia can be compared to the Philippines where so many American men are finding mates and even wives. Both countries are rather poor, and women seek a stable partner.

Getting them a meal and a pair of cheap shoes may give them a feeling you are a knight in shining armour, since their local men don’t care at all. That’s why many call Russian dating inexpensive.

Let’s not forget that prices in Russia are way lower than in the US or UK, not meaning the center of Moscow of course which is one of the most pricey places on Earth.

Local food and clothes, tickets to the places of culture are amazingly cheap there. Once your first date with its romantic attributes is over, you are going to save a lot on everyday meetings.

If a girl’s city is beautiful, and there are waterplaces or fontains, you can just walk every evening, enjoying some hot stuffed pan or other local snacks. Souvenirs cost a few cents as well.

If you want to impress your Russian girl without spending much, take her to Sochi. It’s a resort city with nice beaches, yet it’s within Russia so you don’t need to pay the airline tickets or a visa.

Crimea is now a part of Russia too, and if you are a bit adventurous and brave, you can take her there as well. It’s an absolutely marvellous place beautiful in any season, so you’ll make her happy.

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