Romanian brides as the most exotic beauties in Eastern Europe

Find out the pros and cons of Romanian women, how to date them, and how to find the most genuine bride in Romania. Best dating tips for travellers visiting Romania

Romanian type of appearance and their advantages
Why Romanian women are still classy and modest
Detecting the most trustworthy girl in Romania

Romanian type of appearance and their advantages

Not all guys prefer blondes. Lots of men like Hispanic or Latin American women’s type of appearance, saying that hot brunettes are the best. It becomes quite a popular point of view!

But popular Hispanic nationalities already adsorbed western mentality and became somewhat spoiled and hard to please. That’s why men daters are so relieved to learn about Romanian brides.

They are absolutely hot and modest at the same time. They still have correct and solid family values western girls have totally forgotten about! It’s the main reason to take your chance in Romania.

If it’s the first time you hear about the country called Romania, here is some basic info. It is surrounded by other small countries with prettiest girls such as Moldova, Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine.

It has the Black Sea cost and you can actually travel to Bucharest straight from Odessa, which sounds like your own romance tour! It’s definitely a perfect combination of relax and dating.

But you’ll be glad to know that Romanian brides for marriage are even more old-fashioned and reliable than Ukrainian ones, when it comes to building a relationship and family.

It especially concerns those women who live in suburbs or in smaller towns. They are literally raised for getting married and pleasing their future husbands so they are really pro in that.

They cook, store the food, bottle the products for winter, sew, knit, gladly massage their family members, use natural medicine and serve beloved people in all other ways.

Why Romanian women are still classy and modest

Of course, with all their potential that includes inner and outward beauty, Romanian brides cannot stay away from success and opportunities of this world. Many of them become models.

There are also dancers, singers, actors, TV stars, business women. But this slight wave still didn’t turn into the hurricane like in Russia or Europe. The majority of women are just family-oriented.

In fact, Romanian mail order brides aren’t created for heartless careers. They are programmed to make a house a home and continue family traditions, or let’s say a small family business.

Even celebrities in Romania don’t require expensive courtship, not talking about simple girls. They are completely happy with such classical stuff as flowers, sweets, tickets to the theatre.

They do not order much in a restaurant. There is always plenty of food in each home in Romania, because people grow their own veggies or receive them from relatives who live in a countryside.

They prefer simple food and still do not understand those delicacies the best restaurants of Bucharest have to offer. So you will not impress them with sushi and endless exotic meals.

You will impress them much more if you ask them about their parents’ well-being, their daily needs, their views on a family and children’s upbringing, their worries and aspirations.

But since life taught Romanian brides to be healthily suspicious and smart, it’s better if you confirm your words with actions. Buy the medicine to her parents, help out in the yard, and so on.

Just do all these little everyday things, and you’ll be lovingly accepted as a new family member. Older relatives’ blessing is important, so do not neglect it if you date a Romanian girl.

Romanian girls often come from big families so you have a good chance to demonstrate your potential parental skills. Try to meet her nephews and nieces, or maybe little cousins.

Play with them, tell them stories, even feed them if other adults are busy. It will make you a pretender number one and your Romanian beauty will gladly agree to get married with you!

Detecting the most trustworthy girl in Romania

From everything we have said, you can make a conclusion that Romanian girls are a bit too simple. Even if it’s like that, then only in a good way. They really make a nice down-to-earth wife.

She is wise enough for avoiding the conflicts, for solving everyday issues, for giving you a piece of advice when you’re in a trouble.

But she is not tricky or double-faced like girls in the west.

Generally saying, a Romanian woman is honest and straightforward which helps to read her like an open book. It’s a useful quality for a wife who is meant to be your true companion.

The real Romanian woman never flatters you in a false way, she never complaints about her poor life if she doesn’t know you well enough, she doesn’t agree or offer to have virtual sex.

They are genuine, well-mannered, have self-respect, and test you multiple times before getting closer with you. It’s normal since they consider creating a family and not just hooking up.

Romanian brides want you to respect their culture, even if it’s not very progressive. So try their national dishes without negative comments, and pass the greetings to all her family members.

Since Romanian girls are trusting and kind-hearted, they will be asking you lots of personal questions. Yes, some Romanian mail order brides who already had a negative experience, do test you.

But it’s only to make sure they are safe in your hands. Others don’t mean testing you at all, they are just cute curious girls who are ready to become a part of your life.

Just let them be themselves, and answer their questions without doubts or lies. You’ll be greatly rewarded for your openness and being clear. It’s also natural to them to plan their life in advance.

It may seem strange to western men who are mostly spontaneous enough since they expect their country, their boss, or their environment to greatly take care of their future.

Romanian women have never had this kind of guarantees so they count only on themselves, and they want to count on you as their potential spouse. Do not be afraid to discuss with them all.

It can be the number of children, your future family budget, the frequency of travelling together or even your honey moon. We aren’t saying Romanian brides for marriage don’t like surprises.

But they do prefer those surprises to be well-planned if you get our joke! The most precious thing in dating a Romanian girl is that you can be the best version of yourself and no one will judge you.

No one will criticize you for naivety, over-kindness, or over-generosity. Every good step or nice action you make, is well-seen and highly appreciated. We are all full of stereotypes and fears.

Maybe even of the stone walls we built in the past, but they start to melt in front of a pure and charming Romanian beauty. It’s exactly the case when you can say you have met a true soul mate!

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