Privacy Policy

It’s essential for every user of the site to thoroughly read and accept the following statements. In case you disagree with some of them, we kindly ask you to stop using the site and return to us later on.
The privacy and safety of our users’ data is our main priority, as well as our authors’ rights and the storage of any materials shared or mentioned in the blog. We expect and demand the same from all users.
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The users’ data might be collected and temporarily stored, for purely technical reasons. As the site owners, we are obliged to never share it with the third persons, misuse, or cause any harm.
In separate particular cases, our site provides reviews or uses links to other sites, in a form of ads or experts’ experience description. The user has the right for his own conclusions on each matter.
We do not bear the responsibility for all activity of these third-part sites and our services aren’t connected with theirs. Our site may also contain illustrative materials that aren’t educational.
Our authors and experts do not imply their point of view and do not insist on it, instead, we are striving to give each user as big choice as possible, and open his dating horizons widely.
Our anti-scam policy is a part of our safety plan, and we always make sure to prevent users from any fraudulent acquaintances, communication, and actions that may lead to unfavourable consequences.
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