Myths and stereotypes about Czech women you shouldn’t believe

You’ve undoubtedly heard a thing or two about the Czech women, given you’re any interested in the cultures of Eastern Europe, or at least in women from this region. Unfortunately, most of the popular beliefs about virtually every somewhat known ethnos in the World aren’t true. The media really doesn’t give credit to anyone it illustrates.

Table of content:

  1. A small disclaimer
  2. Czechs are half-Germans
  3. Why would you even say that
  4. Czechs are alcoholics
  5. Czech women are obtainable
  6. They are easily ‘motivated’ by money
  7. It’s dangerous to hang out here at night
  8. Overall aggressiveness
  9. In conclusion

Czechs, Czech women included, however, don’t have a lot to be confused about, unlike Russians, Poles or Ukrainians, for instance. Despite this, the stereotypes that were developed around them are so strong that in some cases they are even used to define this wonderful nation. It’s really unfair.

And, in regards to dating Czech women, assuming some of these false facts below may lead to a variety of negative emotions: from misunderstanding and up to the resentment. To you, that is. In the end, it’s better to get to the bottom of some of these and feel relieved.

A small disclaimer

Whilst the myths below do not affect the majority of the Czech nation, some of them may actually be like that. Stereotypes are generally unfair, but they don’t just sprout out of nowhere. Even partially, on your journey, you may encounter people who qualify.

So, when dealing with a largely unfamiliar culture, you might want to take everything you were told with an ounce of salt. Unless you’ve lived there for a long time, you can’t know how they live for certain. 

With that, here are some of those myths and stereotypes you should develop doubts about, if not disregard them completely.

Czechs are half-Germans

It’s actually one of the smaller ones. You might’ve never even heard it, but you can sometimes hear this slur from a European (they love to roast each other like this). Even more so if this person knows a thing or two about Czech history or geography. Not too much to know that it’s completely bonkers, however.

It’s not as insulting to assume that, but depending on the type of person you’re dealing with you may receive a different reaction. It may very well be just a condescending smile or a white rage for insulting one’s national pride. For the younger Czech women, however, it may not be enraging.

The Czech Republic is a very liberal country — not on a political specter, perhaps, but on an individual level. A lot of younger people just don’t care about a lot of things. For some, saying something along the line ‘Oh, it’s basically Germany’ can even be a compliment.

Still, it’s a very tactless thing to say, and you should throw this statement around hoping to cause a positive reaction, definitely not since you are now aware of the existence of such a popular slur. It may be fine with some people, but it doesn’t mean you should say it.

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Why would you even say that

It sounds stupid, but it actually has some basis. For a long time, Bohemia (the heartland of modern Czechia) was considered to be a traditionally German land. Germans settled the land, Germans made up the high society, German was, for a long time, essentially the only language spoken in big cities.

You could even remember something about Hitler wanting, and eventually succeeding, to occupy large portions of Czech lands that were in time exclusively populated with ethnic Germans. It was not long before WW2 started, and it was only after the War that the Czech government decided to expel all of the Germans from the country.

The culture is still a bit similar to that of Germany, but don’t let it distract you. Czechs are Slavs through-and-through and not Teutons who happened to start speaking Slavic languages for some reason, or whatever other theory guys on the Internet can throw at you.

Czechs are alcoholics

If you’re into statistics, you could notice that Czechs suspiciously drink a lot more alcohol than any other nation in Europe, more than Russians and definitely more than Brits.

However, you don’t see them drinking all the time and not all of them. The humongous amount of alcohol is attributed to a portion of students who get out of their homes on weekends and drink half their weight in beer. Even so, the portion of young people who drink regularly is big in comparison, but not at all big overall.

So, don’t assume that you can hang out with your Czech girlfriend by drinking every time you go out. Even if you wanted, you can’t build a relationship atop it, even if she drinks pretty heavily.

Czech women are obtainable

There is a certain movie genre that led many people to this belief, despite the obvious fact that these movies always have scripts, and that they aren’t made spontaneously.

It’s true, there are lots of pornographic videos starring Czech women, and data says that there are an especially big number of actors of this genre in this country. It’s also true that Prague, for instance, is considered a ‘night capital’ of Eastern Europe (it’s where people hang out at night the most, basically), making this fact a bit more believable.

This is pretty wide-known, and it’s not even clear if it’s objectively correct if you take it as average. It’s not very fair to project this belief on all women, however. You’ll still probably need the same amount of effort to get yourself a girlfriend here.

So, don’t get your hopes up.

They are easily ‘motivated’ by money

No. That’s one thing you shouldn’t even think of trying on the streets of Prague, and especially not in provincial cities. Remember that the Czech Republic is in Eastern Europe. It’s easy for you to get beaten for behavior like that.

You probably wouldn’t try it anyway, but ignorant people sometimes get too excited to try things they’ve heard about in countries like that. And then they get punched.

And since we started talking about punching…

It’s dangerous to hang out here at night

Hanging out with your pals at night always has a bit of danger about it, but it’s believed to be especially perilous here. You can get punched, robbed, scammed (especially by women) and so forth. It’s unbelievable, but you can actually get beaten, robbed and scammed anywhere else in the world if you had wits to roam a bit city at night.

Prague, on the other hand, is thought to be a little more unpredictable. People at night tend to be very wild, as they say. But the truth isn’t as simple. It’s not like the entire city just lights up and starts to rave after midnight. This city is a big one, and you can’t just stumble upon drunken and aggressive people unless you looked for just such a type.

So, here are some precautions for visiting this country:

 Don’t meet with unfamiliar people and start hanging out with them, it may not end well;

— Don’t encourage people (women especially) who seem to like you a lot for whatever reason. It may also end very badly for you, be that just a scam or a robbery;

— Don’t roam the streets alone at night. It’s quite alright to walk around most Czech cities in the darkness, but don’t tempt the fate

Overall aggressiveness

Eastern Europe is often portrayed as a backwater of the continent, where you can get smacked fairly easily. However, while it’s true to a degree, this degree varies a lot from country to country. And Czechia is a white crow in this instance. Out of all Slavic countries, this one is the most civilized and most peaceful.

You can get beaten if your behavior leaves much to be desired. But overall, you won’t get an unprovoked fight. Hopefully.

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In conclusion

This piece of advice can very well help you avoid ruining a relationship with Czech women or not get into trouble for being misinformed. However, the best you can do it experience it all for yourself. Just do be a bit cautious, because spending time with Czechs may be pretty wild.

Hopefully, this article proved so helpful you liked it. But if you didn’t appreciate it at all or if it wasn’t much help to you, then consider exploring other articles on this website, maybe they will be of more use. And in the meantime, you can check out this interesting video below to know more about dating Czech women:

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