Is it worth learning Russian just to date Russian singles

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Would it be a surprise for you if you were told that Russians aren’t really into learning or speaking English? Even those who know the language at an adequate level (due to the unique capabilities or hard work) aren’t very keen to use it because the Russian accent is usually pretty terrible. It makes it hard to date Russian singles or interact with Russians at all.

Table of content:

  1. Why is Russian so difficult
  2. Vocabulary
  3. General differences
  4. Is it even spoken outside of Russia
  5. Europe
  6. Asia
  7. Israel
  8. Is it easier to date Russian singles if you know Russian?
  9. In conclusion

So, if English is seldom heard in this country, and even then it may be hard to decipher, how do you date people? If that’s the reason behind your visit, it may very well be your ultimate obstacle.

The solution you can be recommended elsewhere may sound simple enough — just learn Russian. As if it’s so easy to learn such an exotic language on a whim. So, don’t expect the tips on how to learn the language in this article. What you can expect is a bit of discourse on whether or not learning Russian is worth it in your case.

Why is Russian so difficult


Let’s take it as granted that your mother tongue is British English, the variant most of the World learns as a foreign language anyway. It’s a proud Germanic language with roots in French, Danish and Ancient German. Guess what language has roots in neither of them, you have 5 seconds.

You guessed it, it’s Russian. The local vocabulary is quite alien. Sure, you’ll hear French, German, Greek, and Latin words now and then, and it’s the only familiar words you’ll ever get.

It’s a bit easier if you’ve studied German in the past. The Russian and the German have a bunch of very similar words and even a bit of similar grammar, but that’s it. Unless you’ve taken Polish classes, you’ll have to learn many new words.

General differences

Russian is quite exotic for an English speaker. You can expect a heap of new concepts, a weird grammar and even some new views on the World. But, for starters, here are several noticeable differences that can dissuade you from learning a language at an instant:

-You have to learn using a new alphabet. It’s called Cyrillic, by the way, and it’s based on the old Greek ABCs (good news, because the Latin and the Greek alphabets are pretty similar in the core). Another good news — over the years the Russian has been gradually moved closer to the Western European languages, that’s why most of the letters have very close if not identical analogs;

-The words have 6 forms depending on how you address them. These forms affect not only the propositions tied to the words but also the endings on the ends of them;

-Russians genuinely care about the punctuation. That’s why you can’t randomly put a dash for whatever reason, the commas, the dashes, the semicolons, and other marks have their strict purposes. That’s a big downside if you consider writing something in the future. Otherwise, you may not even learn this part very deeply;

The list may go on and on, but you get the general picture — it’s different. If, however, you know more than one large European language, it will be a great help. For instance, these forms called ‘cases’ may be found in German, saving the time you’d spend on grasping the concept.

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Is it even spoken outside of Russia

It’s great to learn a language that many people across the World speak, making the time you’ve spend worth it. English, for example, is one of the easiest languages to grasp, yet also one of the most spoken in the World. That’s one of the reasons why it’s so popular everywhere.

Russian, on the other hand, is hard. Naturally, a lot smaller portion of the World’s population wants to learn it. And yet, there are countries whose inhabitants do speak Russian, making the language not that useless.


Apart from the former Soviet republic like little Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, and the three Baltic states (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) the Russian is still spoken elsewhere, all thanks to the now-deceased Eastern Bloc.

But first, let’s look at the former Soviet area. Here the Russian is held as a language of international communication. In some countries only formally, though. The Baltic brothers and Ukraine aren’t very thrilled about the situation, but you can’t just tell you people to stop speaking Russian.

About 80-90% of the population in all of them knows Russian at a very high level, that’s why. The number is even higher in the places where the Russian ethnic minorities live. If you ever wondered whether you can date Russian singles without visiting Russia — that’s your chance.

But if you travel further to the West, you’ll find that some people still understand the Russian. Now, most of them are elderly chaps who managed to learn it before the Soviet Union collapsed. Though, in some countries like Bulgaria, Serbia and some other, Russian is pretty popular with the schoolchildren even now. It’s relatively easy to learn here and knowing it may help you build a career, win-win.

So, in case you didn’t manage to date Russian singles, you can always try to hit on Bulgarian or Serbian girls. English isn’t that popular in these parts as well, if you’ve wondered.


In case you’ve ever wanted to visit the charming deserts of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan or Turkmenistan (this belly-like shape the USSR had in Asia), you’ll be happy to discover that they still speak Russian here.

Truth be told, the local variants of Russian are generously flavored by the grammar flaws and the unique words. Otherwise, the language is pretty popular around these parts. There are also Caucasian countries — Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan — where the language is pretty popular as well.

The main difference is that there are rarely any Russian minorities here anymore. It’s especially true for the Caucasian countries, where they never even lived in the first place.


It really deserves its separate subparagraph. There are no significant Russian communities in Israel, but the Russian language is still very often used in this country. The thing is, a lot of immigrants came here from the Soviet Union, where Russian was the one language everyone spoke.

You can’t consider these people Russian (though, some do identify themselves as Russians), because most of them have a distinct Jewish heritage, that’s the reason why they immigrated here in the first place.

In the end, about 15% of the Israeli population regard the Russian language as their mother tongue (even more understand it). These numbers are pretty astounding if you stop to remember that this language and the Hebrew have nothing in common at all.

Is it easier to date Russian singles if you know Russian?

It is if you already have a girlfriend. You both can understand each other, isn’t that great? However, it’s more complicated if you only aim to date Russian singles and are learning the language to achieve this goal.

Remember that you have a competition in the shape of people who know Russian perfectly. Even though you have a slight advantage as a foreigner, seeing someone who doesn’t speak the only language you know may be an excruciating experience.

So, you can’t go out to date Russian singles if you haven’t yet mastered the basics. If you did, you can go on and try. Otherwise, the poor attempts of talking in this foreign language will only scare the people around you off.

On the other hand, if you happen to know Russian close to perfect, it will be a huge advantage when you’ll try to date Russian singles. Russians don’t necessarily expect outsiders to speak their language at a good level. Guaranteed, you’ll be pretty interesting to them from that point on.

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In conclusion

Learning Russian is a pain that won’t pay off at all if you haven’t tried learning any language before starting with this one. And even then you’ll have to constantly improve your skills over the course of several years. What you’ll get in the end is the language that doesn’t come in handy unless you live or frequently visit the former Soviet Union.

You should only consider learning it if you have some other plans for it and not only going to Russia to date Russian singles. If would be a pretty stupid decision, not to mention that you’ll need a strong motivation to continue studying it through the years. The potential romance in the future shouldn’t be one of them.

But in case this article didn’t dissuade you, you’ll need a bit more theory on how to date Eastern European women. You can find some on this very website. Or, if you prefer listening, you can watch this video for the same goal:

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