Is it possible to date Serbian ladies for a man from the West?

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If you heard something about Serbia, you might’ve also heard a couple of words about the Serbians. It is said that they are the biggest haters of America and the Western European countries in Europe, save for Russians. There are several reasons for that, many of them are pretty well-founded. Though, of course, many of them are also closely intertwined with the not-so-true stereotypes about these people.

Table of content:

  1. Why all the hate?
  2. The background
  3. What now?
  4. Will it affect your relationship?
  5. How to minimize disappointment?
  6. The compatibility
  7. English language
  8. The world overview
  9. In conclusion

Despite all this alleged hate, there is a lot in the Serbian ladies to like them for. A lot of them combine being pretty traditional with elegance, but it’s better you learn all of it by yourself someday.

For now, let’s dive into the reasons why a Serbian woman may not like a person from the West, and how it may apply to you exactly.

Why all the hate?

If you were born sometime in the 90s or can use the Internet, you may know about the Yugoslav wars, the conflict that tore Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and then Kosovo apart. It is not exactly the main reason why you may not get along with the Serbian woman you fell in love with, but it may very well be one of the factors.

While it may not be as interesting to dig into this mess for you, the conflict being the monument of history as of today, it’s crucial to understanding the Serbian nature. The marks left by shelling and the mines can still sometimes be found even in the cities.

The background

So, it won’t hurt if you know just a bit about what went on during those times. Like when parts of Yugoslavia started declaring independence, and the central government located in Belgrade decide to stop it, eventually making the war not about preserving the nation, but rather an ethnic conflict.

Russia and a few other countries backed Serbia in it, and the United States, Britain, France (to the latter two the attitude is generally positive if you don’t proudly cry that you’re a Briton, to Americans, however, it’s bad regardless), and many more backed Croatia, Bosnia and later Kosovo.

The Western interference, cruel bombardments and the detainment of several prominent Serbs for a long time without any proof that they’ve committed war crimes made the West an enemy of the whole nation of Serbia for a long time.

What now?

Well, it may be gruesome and cruel, but it surely can’t be the case now. The Serbs can’t hate the Americans for what their military did, can they? Well, this coin has several sides.

For those who were born before the wars ended, it is a very personal matter. Belgrade was bombed and many people lost their relatives and friends. For those who were born after the ending, it’s not so certain.

A lot of young adults may simply not care, because they generally don’t care about a lot of things. Kosovo, the harshest insult, however, frequently reminds everyone about its existence, making it hard to forget the Serbian massacres. That’s why most people have slightly negative views, which may or may not affect the relationship.

Will it affect your relationship?

See, if your alleged Serbian girlfriend has some stigma against your country, she’ll probably not want to date you. That is, of course, if you tell her where you come from (which you should) and not lie about it. If all there is are just some negative vibes, then she may keep in touch with you, because talking to a guy from the West is still an interesting experience.

And while you’re having some interesting discussions, you may try and incline her to like you more and see through all the hate and prejudice, using your charming personality or whatever.

And yes, you shouldn’t lie about your origins to get better treatment, probably. If the relationship gets more serious, it’ll eventually come into the light, which will be pretty painful.

However, if you mean to have a small romance with one of these Serbian ladies without much consequence, you can twist the truth a bit.

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How to minimize disappointment?

There is, of course, something you can do to make the risks of a woman rejecting you smaller. What you need to do is get the specifically English-speaking dating app on your phone and look for the Serbian ladies there. Dating them there may not shield you from the issue completely, but it will help for several reasons:

  1. Apps like Tinder are designed by the westerners and largely for the westerns. So, if a woman is very much opposed to anything from the West, she likely won’t use it, you can count on that because jingoism applies to such small things before others. At the same time, if the woman from Serbia is using it, then she’s likely not against the West, or not as much against it;
  2. Such apps are mostly used by the young people in Serbia, among which there is a much larger proportion of people who simply don’t care for the prejudice (that being a pretty healthy mode of life, by the way). That doesn’t stop a lot of them from being dumb and assuming too much. So… you win, you lose;
  3. Most people on such dating apps tend to let go of the stereotypes and prejudice. It’s not a rule, however. Even on the friendliest platforms, there are people who like to wreck everyone’s nice day by assuming something they have zero understanding of

The compatibility

The question of whether or not your partner will want to accept you isn’t that hard. The real question here is whether she’ll be able to, for different reasons. And, you know, the situation isn’t hopeless.

English language

It is believed by many outsides of Eastern Europe that Slavs generally speak English on a very poor level. The belief largely comes from the depiction of Russian in Hollywood movies. There they speak very little of this language, and always with a strong accent. And it’s not necessarily untrue.

The Serbs, on the other hand, know English on much better a level. 57% of the Serbian ladies can speak it, and the majority of those who count as proficient in it are young women (probably your choice). So, you probably wouldn’t need to learn Serbian to talk to the locals like you’d need to learn Russian, for instance.

It means that the Serbian people who use the Internet will probably be able to communicate with you so that you could express your feeling and materialize your thoughts almost thoroughly. And if you choose to visit Serbia, you’ll get an even better welcome. People here, though being skeptical of some westerners, especially the insolent, and especially — American, like to talk to visitors whenever possible.
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The world overview

The somewhat popular misconception is that as soon as you land in some Eastern country, you’ll see that locals there are behaving differently from what you’re used to at home. The language, the traditions, and other core values are one thing, you can’t sweep them away.

The popular stuff, however — what they wear, eat, watch, listen to, and also a lot of general behavior — are just like in the West. In short, you’ll find that deeper inside the Serbian ladies you’re dating have much uncommon with you. On the surface, however, they are exactly like anyone else.

So, don’t worry that you won’t be able to find the common ground, because you will. It’s even truer if you both are frequent on the Internet because of the users have a very similar concept of thinking.

In conclusion

If you behave, you need not fear being rejected on a sole purpose of your origins. Nor do many of those who visit the Internet frequently will try to remember something from the past to rub in your face. The Internet is full of hate. If you want to find someone you could trust there, you should not be toxic towards them, it is a principle some of the more modern inhabitants of the Balkans adhere to.

But the nice part is that, for the most part, the Serbians are very similar to the modern westerners, and yet there’s a lot you can discover in them, making the relationship you might build quite exciting.

Well, that’s the end of the article. It’s excellent that you’ve finished it — now you can read even more articles, like this one, for instance. Only if you want to, of course. And if you like, you can even watch the video below for some more information on the Serbian ladies:

49 thoughts on “Is it possible to date Serbian ladies for a man from the West?

  1. Serbian girls will always take a foreigner, due to the fact he has more income. Won’t even take a look at a Serbian boy if you find international funds about. I am just Serbian and not enjoyed a girlfriend and will probably spend my overall life alone. Not only me, Serbian girls congregate about top ten percent abundant men and people who can’t obtain a abundant guy get a foreigner. That results in ordinary people who definitely are much less blessed with practically nothing.

  2. Ladies are very similar to modern Serbian gentleman. Both of them desire to be flanked by people who acknowledge them for who they are. It is possible to notify a good deal with regards to a girl by how she responds to people who acknowledge her.

  3. The english language, Aussie and American came up by far the most. So basically for those who have Anglo-Saxon historical past you’ll be desired in Serbia!

  4. To find Serbian women for really like, you need to understand just what a Serbian guy looks for. The only method to get to date Serbian girls is to understand what they look out for in a future partner.

  5. Many people have been carrying it out for hundreds of years. Now you can as well. Step one is usually to find out what guys want from ladies.

  6. The greater number of you recognize what Serbian gentlemen look for in a life lover, the better off you may be. Regardless how lengthy you’ve been online dating Serbians, unless you fully grasp what they want in the daily life lover, you are going to never meet up with a Serbian lady you would be happy with.

  7. Really feel sorry for this gentleman who aided you with everything else. Only one additional time it proofs how the good people are not fascinating for that young girls in relation to a significant connection.

  8. When you learn about it, it will be easy to utilize it to have what you want. You will be aware the way to understand what Serbian gentlemen consider when searching for a female.

  9. Partnership specialists refer to this “wearing the proper deal with.” If you placed on the right face, you can make every one of the right thoughts. That’s what Serbians are doing because of their males in public places as well as in their houses.

  10. Most gentlemen are most often seeking out women who are extroverted, committed and creative, but they have reduced self-esteem and it is careful. They wish to be around assured, ambitious and productive girls. However they are incredibly demanding because they seem like they’re getting taken benefit of.

  11. Let’s initially look at what a guy desires from your woman before he will recommend. In this particular he’s extremely similar to the modern Serbian gentleman I met online. He would like to day intelligent, attractive and enchanting women.

  12. On many occasions, these gentlemen manage to desire to get married a girl who can not simply let them have her real value but her vitality and individuality. But there are many who happen to be a touch too demanding and handling.

  13. So when you find out concerning how to date Serbian women without much impact, it is possible to change heads with your local community. And if you would like fulfill an existence lover, you have to discover on how to understand the requirements the males near you.

  14. Discover it and you could put into action it in your life. And should you not, you can never have accomplishment with females who like up to now Serbian girls.

  15. I don’t get this. Ofcourse, the ladies are stunning on this page. A bit genetic makeup, (Slavic blood vessels first of all, i assume Mediteran) and exercize. Not Ofcourse each lady check out health club, but go hanging out. Anyways, you can find handsome girls around, Latina or some other Slavic. I found some Czech females and they are generally wonderful as well and they appearance a lot like ours. You only see Slavic traditions here and there.

  16. It is important to recognize what exactly it is you want. You must learn about the thing that makes males tick. If you would like understand how to meet Serbian ladies for love, you need to review and learn what the Serbian gentlemen look out for in a future spouse.

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