Hungarian brides as the sexiest beauties of Eastern Europe

Top facts about hot Hungarian girls and how to date them. The most detailed tutorial on travelling, sex tourism in Hungary, and getting a wife in Budapest

Desirable and decent Hungarian girls
What should you know before travelling to Hungary?
Where to meet the best bride in Hungary?

Desirable and decent Hungarian girls

Hungary isn’t the main country for international dating, which isn’t fair. It would really deserve that title. Lots of Hungarian girls naturally look like models, and many are single.

These two phenomenons are hard to explain but they are real. Although there are several typical kinds of appearance in Hungary, all of them are fascinating and iconic.

One type is very dark eyes, olive skin, and high or medium cheekbones. Another type is blue or grey eyes, very pale or ivory skin, and a doll shape of face. There are few exceptions, too.

But in general, it’s really impressive Hungarian girls have all these natural features of top models without making an expensive surgery like less fortunate western women do.

Since most of Hungarian females look like perfect dolls, they are in high demand among fashion photographers, but still not enough among foreign singles, and this should be improved.

Others tend to have a bit heavy kind of beauty and resemble ladyboys in some way, which doesn’t prevent them from being absolutely gorgeous. This type can be compared to German celebrities.

In any case, Hungarian brides are underestimated and there’s no explanation of this. There is a negative stereotype that many of them are just escort girls and not a wife material.

It’s true only partially, and this unfavourable tradition is rooted in old times when beautiful Hungarian girls had to survive during wars and in other politically unstable circumstances.

Today, the economy of Hungary is still far from perfect, but it’s much better than in Ukraine, for instance. Women have all possibilities to do something more decent than selling themselves.

Even in modelling, they are better protected now than decades ago, and sometimes even have bodyguards. Their contracts became more profitable and juridically correct, so girls remain safe.

There is only one conclusion: modern Hungarian girls can be confidently called a wife material, which is an important addition to their amazing beauty and sexiness.

Returning to their single status, it often happens because of the passive attitude of Hungarian men. Some have problems with alcohol, and others just refuse to work and provide a family.

All this information results in a summary that western husbands would become a true salvation for Hungarian girls, and it’s such a waste not to take a chance with them.

What should you know before travelling to Hungary?

Hungary is literally next to Ukraine, moreover, it’s kind of mixed with it. Since Ukraine is a more popular destination for dating, we’ll explain this in detail and it may help the travellers.

Many of you aren’t aware but a big part of Ukraine used to be a part of Hungary until the 1918. It’s Zakarpattia Region, 11 cities surrounding famous Carpathian Mountains.

If you ever visited Ukraine, it is greatly possible you have been skiing there. It’s a popular winter-time resort and girls often invite their friends or boyfriends there.

If you are limited in time or money and don’t want to visit two countries in line, start from Beregovo town in Zakarpattia. It’s the center of Hungarian culture in Ukraine.

Therefore, you’ll meet many beautiful Hungarian girls there, without interrupting your Ukrainian vacation. But it should be done out of the summer season, and here is why.

All towns in Zakarpattia are rather poor, although very picturesque when in bloom. It’s typical for the inhabitants to find part-time jobs in Hungary, mostly in summer.

Girls work as waiters, maids, babysitters, collect the harvest, and so on. The whole region lives like this, and sometimes goes to Hungary and back literally every day.

If you gave it a try and loved Hungarian girls’ appearance, culture, cuisine, it means you’re ready to visit their country as well, so get prepared and plan your next trip thoroughly.

Hungary is rather a low-budget travel destination where you can find a good cosy hotel with great breakfasts for a very moderate price.

The restaurants can be found for any pocket.

Actually, both in Zakarpattia and in Hungary itself the street food is extremely common, cheap, and tasty. Everyone is eating it, both locals and tourists, so it’s not shameful.

The place you must attend in Hungary, is one of the thermal baths. There are some of them in Zakarpattia too, but they are in a miserable condition and always overcrowded with fat oldies.

While Széchenyi, Gellért, Lukács and other baths in Budapest are high quality and very neat. They contain a big number of minerals that are crucial for one’s immunity and nervous system.

Many call them the best physical preparation for love making and the best relax after, so consider enjoying the baths seriously if you’re going to have an affair in Budapest.

Where to meet the best bride in Hungary?

In the majority of countries, it is not advised to search for a wife at nightclubs. It is understood women there are either escort girls, bar girls, or shallow Instagram models.

But Budapest is certainly an exception. Why? As we mentioned, Hungary isn’t a very prosperous country so far. It is less costly for a club owner to invite Ukrainian dancers.

That’s why the professional part of the clubs consists of other Eastern European girls, while all visitors are decent local women who just want some fun after a hard working week.

Hungarian girls are modern enough to accept a drink or two from a stranger, to start talking easily, but even at nightclubs, they hope for some nice courtship and patience.

Of course, a sudden passion is possible everywhere in the world, and why not in Hungary where lots of girls look really exotic and are hot-blooded. The sparkle between you and her can happen!

Nightclubs aren’t the only place to meet beautiful Hungarian girls. Actually public libraries in the center of the city are a good idea too, since women there are rarely the book worms.

They remain sexy and playful even in such strict places, and it’s really intriguing to get acquainted there. Street festivals are perfect for this aim too, as they create an easy-going atmosphere.

It’s pleasant and relieving to date Hungarian girls since they like to take initiative when a man is shy, and they’ll take you to the best places you could imagine, to organize your first romantic kiss.

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