How to date intellectual Russian ladies?

Many people think that unlike Western society based on consumerism and the accumulation of money, the Russian environment is less materialistic and more about spiritual values. This is partially true, but not because Russians care less about money and more about their families and intellectual well-being.

Table of content:

  1. Are Russian ladies really that intellectual?
  2. How much do Russians read
  3. How to date them
  4. Dating an introvert
  5. What you can do to improve a relationship
  6. Dealing with the first option
  7. The second option
  8. What’s unique about the intellectual Russian ladies
  9. In conclusion

The important thing is that Russians generally read and improve mentally a bit more actively than their counterparts further to the West for reasons listed further on. Due to this, the recent generations of the Russian ladies are more intellectual on average.

You can hardly call such people ‘intellectual’ on their own account but in contrast to the groups of people who prefer an extremely active kind of leisure, this is pretty intellectual.

Are Russian ladies really that intellectual?

The common idea is that Russian ladies, in contrast to the extremely active style of leisure that includes spending a lot of money and hanging out wildly, prefer reading and tending to the family.

It is partially true. Though, the lower position of money as a value in the lives of most is conditioned not by the conscious act of self-restraint, but rather the state of the country. You wouldn’t describe Russia as poor, but the people here still don’t spend a lot of money just to hang out very frequently. They do that, just not on the scale you would expect from the Western person.

How much do Russians read

The number of readers in a country doesn’t automatically show if its inhabitants have more mental prowess than others, but it definitely shows if people want to spend more time with a book. And whereas reading isn’t co-exclusive with the hanging out (not in this case anyway), you can clearly see the priority.

If you want the numbers, the average person in Russia spends about 7 hours and 6 minutes reading per week. This is the 7th largest time in the World, exceeded only by India, China, Thailand, the Philippines, Egypt, and the Czech Republic.

How to date them

The hard part behind dating the intellectual Russian ladies is trying not to break your and her ways of life, including the schedule and the kinds of leisure you both prefer.

Spending time together is very important in the relationship, as you can guess. It’s even more important if you need to constantly pull yourself and her together because of the lifestyle differences.

So, what does it tell you? You need to find a few ways of entertainment that you both can utilize together without putting a lot of pressure on your mental health. The ‘mental health’ aspect is important because doing passive leisure too much (which intellectual people evidently prefer) implies preferring less of active entertainment.
Image of couple having fun

Dating an introvert

You can tell that a person has a lot of introvert traits by a number of things. One of them is that she doesn’t like active leisure at all and thus left with the more creative ways of spending time.

And if you are an extrovert (which is a complete opposite) you’ll have a hard time dating an introverted person. You’ll need to put a lot of strain to keep your relationship together. That’s why you shouldn’t start dating a complete introvert all the while being an extrovert just for the fun of it.

Of course, if you really want to date such a person, you can always do it online, there are tons of people you can date. Evidently, introverts spend a bit more time online than a regular man or woman does. You’ll have a bit of an advantage dating them online or semi-online.

What you can do to improve a relationship

First of all, you need to know exactly how much your new girlfriend is into active hanging out. The difference between hanging out occasionally and not doing it at all is huge. The first one is most often like this due to the lack of time, and the second is a mindset.

Image of a walking couple

Dealing with the first option

If your girlfriend likes to hang with the friend and loved ones but doesn’t have much spare time, you can help her out by planning the evening beforehand for the day when she’s not busy. The planning takes time as well — get everyone together, pick a spot for an evening, etc. By doing a planning part you save her a lot of time

It also works with the different kinds of active leisure — ones that don’t involve going out somewhere. Watching a movie at home or at the cinema theatre doesn’t nearly take as much planning, but coming up with the idea and being enthusiastic about following it is not something the half-dead busy people do.

It would also be helpful if you directly assisted her at whatever she’s doing (if you feel like it and know a thing or two about the subject). Sometimes, however, the work or the studying may be so stressful, the best you can do is not bother her with anything and help indirectly (do more chores, for instance).

As intellectual people most likely work a lot to fend for themselves, these two pieces of advice are actually pretty valid. But you can as well work a bit harder yourself so you two would have revenue and not stress out as much.

The second option

Not wanting to spend some time actively isn’t necessarily a sign of an introvert. So, don’t panic yet. Introverts don’t generally like to talk to people safe for a few close ones.

This kind of person may frequently walk with friends, talking and joking outside of bars and such establishments. It works fine with them if you spend time:

-Conversing online;

-Playing videogames (online, too);

-Watching a movie indoors;

-Watching videos together;

-Walking around the neighborhood;

-Pretty much everything that doesn’t require being noisy or moving a lot

Such Russian ladies and people are flexible at entertaining themselves. And the plus side is, even if your girlfriend is quite introverted, you may convert her to be more sociable if you insist hard enough and spend a lot of time together, draw her outside. This way, you’ll have even more ways to have fun.

What’s unique about the intellectual Russian ladies

There’s nothing mystical about them, they are not a caste or a cult, but there are definitely some interesting traits that you might not have expected from them. It’s nothing surprising, for example:

  1. They really like to discuss in length and speak in general about the favorite things they’ve seen or read as of late, it’s their favorite thing to do, that’s why forums exist. So, if you watch what she watches — you’ll have an infinite potential for bonding because such discussions can never end. It may be either god-sent or hellish for you, but exchanging your opinions like this will really help in this case;
  2. If she reads regularly, then the book is the best gift ever. It may sound like bad advice because they teach you that gifting a book is a poor taste. In reality, a good book is a treasure, imagine that. They are expensive, convenient (mostly), and, if the book is chosen wisely, very valuable;
  3. Dating a person that doesn’t hang out actively very much enables you to have a special experience — an ultra-passive bonding experience that involves just lying in a bed together doing nothing

In conclusion

In short, dating the ‘intellectual’ Russian ladies is much like dating the introverts (these sometimes match), but there isn’t any secret tactic to it, you just need to work out a number of things you both can do and have a bonding experience in the process.

But if you want some more advice about dating the Eastern European women — check out some of the other texts on the website. And if you don’t feel like reading, you may watch the video below for some interesting data:

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