How to date hot Russian women if they are introvert

Introverts are people who prefer to spend time alone or in small groups of people rather than spending it out in the public amongst the other people and the noise. Opposite to them are extroverts, who compose roughly 75% of the World population.

Table of content:

  1. Where do you even find the introvert people?
  2. How dating such a person feels like?
  3. Pros and cons of dating introverted hot Russian women
  4. Plus sides
  5. Down sides
  6. How to date an introvert as an extrovert
  7. Planning your dates
  8. In conclusion

Undoubtedly, Russian people are part of the World population, and hence take part in statistical research like this one. In short, there are introverted people in Russia as well — chances are, you’ll meet a few while trying to hit on the hot Russian women in some places or on the Internet.

And dealing with Russians is in itself hard, the culture is very different if not exotic, as well as the way of life in general. So, if you’ve become good friends with an introverted Russian woman, how do you not ruin the relationship you’re trying to build?

Where do you even find the introvert people?

Dating an introvert is a good choice to make if you yourself are an introvert. Especially if you’d like to date hot Russian women but usually your concept of spending time together doesn’t match theirs very much.

Being an introvert isn’t really the same as being a self-confined person. The latter is unsociable and isolated, whereas the former just doesn’t like to interact with too many people too much. Talking to the close and familiar people, on the other hand, is just fine for them. Introverts too need to talk to someone, as it’s not a condition, but a mindset.

They too visit cinema theaters, cafes and alike, just not very frequently and not in big groups. They too need to study, hence they use public transport as often as the other people do. The comfort of home, however, is far better. That’s why the best place to look for the people of such a mindset is the Internet.

Don’t worry, dating online may sound like a poor substitute for the real thing, but it’s not. The Web has a lot of unique possibilities for entertainment for a couple. Dating exclusively online isn’t as satisfying, true. That’s why you need to combine online and offline dating if you can (or if you want).

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How dating such a person feels like?

If you choose to date the introverted person for your own reasons, you may expect that she will gladly opt to spend an evening indoors (online or offline) rather than going out and doing anything actively. Going out and doing some noise in public, however, needs to happen once in a while. It won’t be poisonous for her, and she’ll get a new experience.

You can’t force your introvert girlfriend to do anything, though. Don’t assume that she’ll be soft and compliant, you’re dealing with:

1) Russian;

2) a woman

It’s better to remember that introversion isn’t a psychological trauma and get on with that. Otherwise, you’ll have a problem.

Pros and cons of dating introverted hot Russian women

Being an introvert has its pros and cons, as well as dating them. Of course, the cons don’t necessarily outweigh the pros. Again, it’s just a different kind of mindset.

Plus sides

Here are the advantages of dating introverts:

  1. Introversion enables a person to spend more time on improving themselves intellectually, unlike extroverts, who prefer to spend their energy on the surrounding people. That’s not a rule, but the introverts by definitions have more to say in a discussion and a conversation (provided a person has the necessary social skills, which many of them lack), they read more and watch more movies. A lot of renowned scientists in history were introverts if you want to know. In short, you may expect a lengthy and interesting conversation once in a while.
  2. They are on average less impulsive, due to their limited interaction with thick-skulled people. That’s why you can expect fewer arguments and quarrels and more harmony. And even if your girlfriend by nature has a bit of impulse, you’ll probably be able to settle it diplomatically and on a good note. You can never know, however, that’s just how people behave on average.
  3. Fewer interactions with people mean more interactions with you. Take it as a bad omen or a good sign, but that’s the reality. It doesn’t mean, however, that you’ll have to dedicate every moment of your time to her — she’s still quite self-centered and likely will spend much of her time on her own hobbies. Actually, you have more control over how much time you two spend together in contrast to dating an extrovert woman. It’s easier to switch from reading to talking than from talking to talking to another person.

Down sides

There are also disadvantages compared to dating all the other types of women. For example:

  1. The very introverted people may be unsociable and isolated, that’s true. Most of them do get out of their house and spend time outside, but some — less so. It may be quite an obstacle. But remember that she probably doesn’t hate being outside, it’s just that there’s no time or reason to get out there. That’s where you may help her by planning an evening or even a simple stroll.
  2. The potential nuisance about dating the ladies with a mindset like this is that you often can’t gather your friend and your girlfriend in one group and have fun together. Partially because introverts aren’t into hanging out in large groups and partially because large groups like being noisy and the introverts aren’t really into being noisy. The best you can do is gradually pull your friends and your girlfriend together by going out in smaller groups.

There are more inconvenient cons abound dating the introverts, but they all are based upon the reluctance of leaving the home for a long time, which isn’t the case for many and therefore not viable. People aren’t either introverts or extroverts, they are somewhere on the scale between the two extremes. So, don’t just take all of it as a rule and be flexible about your relationship.

In fact, making your introvert girlfriend less self-confined will enable you to have more sorts of fun, which will make your bond even stronger.

How to date an introvert as an extrovert

You could assume that being people of two opposite mindsets dooms the relationship, but it really isn’t. If people are fond of each other, they learn to adapt, and adapting to the introversion of your partner isn’t very hard.

The hard part is figuring out how to spend time together with the two different lifestyles you’ve got. Introverts usually look to themselves, study and work a lot and then use the Internet to pursue their hobbies in their free time.
Image of day off together

Planning your dates

You need to go out and have fun outdoors, and you can take her with you. She probably won’t oppose the idea if you know what you’re doing. But the thing is, the introverts rarely have a lot of time or energy to go out somewhere. So, unless you’ve planned the date yourself and know exactly the time when you both aren’t busy — then go for it.

Chances are, she’ll be excited. The introverts aren’t opposed to going out and see the Sun — on the contrary, they mostly scold themselves internally for not doing it frequently enough. However, you should probably ask her beforehand if she’d like to go somewhere.

But don’t give up too fast if she refuses to go, you’ll have another chance. And once you see it — just… nag her again about that.

In conclusion

Dating the hot Russian women who also are introverted isn’t as hard as you could thing. Once you’ve seen the ropes of this relationship, adapted to it and worked out the schedule of going out together — you’ll be fine. It’s even better if you’re a staunch extrovert yourself, this way you’ll be able to make your loved one’s life a little more thrilling.

But if you need some more advice about dating the Eastern Europeans — go get a look at the other articles on this website. Or you can also watch the pretty helpful video below for the same reasons:

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