High quality Montenegro girls: why are they the best choice?

All secrets of dating a Montenegro girl and proposing to her. Romance and marriage with a Montenegro woman, travel tips, the comparison of Filipinas and Montenegrins

Some basic facts about Montenegro women
Brides under twenty in Montenegro
How to court a Montenegro girl

Some basic facts about Montenegro women

Although Montenegro is a highly popular resort among Ukrainian and Moldavian people, it remains underestimated and poorly studied by western tourist. That should be improved for sure!

First of all, Montenegro offers absolutely stunning yet inexpensive beaches, hotels, restaurants so it’s a perfect place for a budget vacation. But why not to combine it with dating?

Montenegro girls look naturally gorgeous and slightly exotic. For someone who is into Eastern European dating, might be helpful to know they look a bit like Slovak girls and a bit like Croatian.

It means they are rather cute and sweet than perfectly beautiful, and rather indigenous than classy. However, turning their country into touristic center is gradually making them very refined.

Their olive skin and almond-shaped eyes are partially explained by generational mixing with Albanians and even Egyptians as official ethnic minorities in Montenegro.

Dating Montenegro women is a completely logical decision, since they are the most genuine and feminine without all those modern problems and disadvantages other European girls may have.

They are always smiling, welcoming, relaxed, positive, and focused on their role in a family. It’s one of the rare countries where feminism seems to have zero chances in nearest future.

But what is even more attractive, Montenegro girls tend to get married or start dating very early, when they are still teenagers. We’re going to tell more about this, if that is what you seek.

Brides under twenty in Montenegro

For sure, this tradition comes from ancient times when parents wanted to make sure their daughter has a reliable provider and food supplier since the youngest years.

Why it still didn’t change today? Because of economical factors. Honestly, Montenegro mostly survives on its touristic business nowadays. Regions distanced from the sea, greatly suffer.

People there work on farms, in the fields and gardens, since the land and the cattle are their only source of income. But these activities demand a lot of work, sometimes 24/7.

Without an influence of visitors from a bigger world, being trapped in their very local and very monotonous daily duties, Montenegro people remain extremely conservative and old-fashioned.

It takes place in villages and smaller cities. Muslim families are also more traditionalistic than Christian ones. But one can marry a young Muslim girl in Montenegro only if he’s Muslim too.

The whole culture is affected with these typical traditions and habits. Due to that, so-called modern girls from more populated cities get married around 25, while provincial girls do under 18.

Meanwhile, both the girls and their parents accept the age difference as something highly acceptable and normal. All that is very seductive to western men who like having younger partners.

In this regard, Montenegro can be compared to the Philippines where a 24 y.o. girl is already considered very mature. But there are certain differences as well, so let’s list them.

  • It’s typical to buy a very young Filipina from her parents, which isn’t the case in Montenegro. One can get a very young Montenegro girl for free, as a future bride.
  • Even the most hard-working Filipina would look lazy in comparison to a Montenegro girl who normally works as hard as a strong man. They are real workaholics.
  • Filipina women usually do not have bad habits, they have a classical upbringing, while Montenegro girls smoke a lot and their families are encouraging that.
  • Like all Asian women, Filipinas are submissive, while Montenegro girls are more flexible in this regard, they can switch the roles and be open-minded with a husband.
  • Westerners rarely marry Filipina women, because of the harsh marital law and because they can easily get a lover with no strings attached. Montenegro girls are for marriage.

So, although both Montenegro and the Philippines can be called the best countries for getting an underage partner, there are many nuances one should take into account before making a choice.

How to court a Montenegro girl

Since many are already intrigued by pretty and family-oriented Montenegro girls, it is important to tell how to conquer them. This information isn’t very easy to find anywhere.

First of all, Montenegro women aren’t flirtatious, aren’t clubbing much, and there’s no such a category as bar girls or even escort girls in Montenegro. A few prostitutes can be found in a capital.

But girls who hope to find a decent man and eventually get married, do not use common ways to attract him. They cannot be called nuns, of course, but they’re rather chaste and non-spoiled.

It isn’t annoying though, since they aren’t hypocrite. It rather feels refreshing to communicate with them, date them, and fall in love with them, because they treat their man like a king.

Despite their tight financial situation, they rely on themselves not on their men only, which is very surprising and pleasing to observe. They are able to keep the whole domesticity alone.

In a western world, strong women are usually bossy and arrogant, but Montenegro girls remain very humble. Even if a man is doing nothing, they still cherish and even worship him.

However, for western men, who used to discuss sex openly and seduce women in a straightforward manner, it might be a long-forgotten challenge to attract an innocent girl.

Fear not: it is possible to do. Start from telling about yourself in the most flattering way, be wise describing your daily life and all circumstances of it, do not criticize yourself heavily.

It will be relieving for them to know you aren’t bound by any obligations caused by your divorce, alimonies, bank debts, disabled relatives. If it takes place, wait and inform them later.

The Montenegro girl who is already in love, or even engaged, is ready to bear any hardship together with her man. But it’s important not to scare her away on the very beginning.

Next, do not ever ignore her family members’ existence. Make sure to ask how they are doing, whether they need any help. Girls are too modest to confess, but you’ll look like a gentleman.

Compliment their beauty without being vulgar. Make it clear to a girl she is very special, unique, and she is the one for you, instead of just saying she is your type.

Do not get too physical too soon. Even best friends and spouses in Montenegro greet each other with a hand shake, so very strong hugs and kisses are definitely out of the line.

If you are a kind of person who enjoys getting affectionate and sexual in public, Montenegro might be the wrong place for you. But if you’re patient, you’ll collect your awesome harvest.

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