Free dating app: a beginners’ guide to online romance for women

profile on a free dating app

A quick guide for women to improve chances on a free dating app

There was a time when online dating used to be frowned upon, and everyone looking for a perfect match online was considered a looser. Fast-forward a couple of decades ahead, and there is hardly any person who didn’t try online dating at a certain period of their life. So if you are still doubtful about joining a free dating app, don’t be.

Online dating has plenty of advantages, and you’ll finally be able to leave your lonely days in the past. So here is your quick guide to online romance – keep these tips in mind when looking for the love of your love in the net.

Free dating app or a paid one?

The majority of dating apps offer a free plan, and if you don’t feel like spending any money, you don’t have to. Free membership unlocks a lot of useful features, and you’ll be able to browse through profiles and send messages. Of course, there are apps that offer only paid matchmaking services, but you can simply skip them – there are so many alternatives these days.

However, if you feel like diversifying your online dating experience, it’s strongly recommended to go for a premium membership. You’ll get an access to plenty of fun features that will maximize your chances of meeting someone special, whether it’s a short fling or a life-long romantic relationship. Usually premium memberships are not very expensive – most apps offer a great service for less than $10 a romance for women

Setting up a winning profile on a free dating app

If you manage to set up a nice profile, you’re hallways to success on a dating site. Make sure to take advantage of all the options an app has to offer. If they give you a chance to write two thousand characters in a bio section, do write them.

If they allow you to upload a short video, do that by all means. If you’re offered to put up eight photos, make sure to upload all eight of them. The more information you provide, the more successful your dating experience is going to be. Men will be able to find some things in common and start a discussion by referring to something you’ve mentioned in your profile. The good thing? You’ll be spared from getting all those boring and overused opening lines!

Make sure your profile is detailed and informative. Talk about your background, education, professional achievements, hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes. Describe a person you’d like to meet, his character traits and perhaps even appearance. Express your opinion about romantic relationships and marriage.

Keep it cheerful, optimistic and light-hearted. No one is interested in dating a miserable woman who complains about being lonely and unhappy. A man wants to find a woman who has everything in life except a beloved partner. He wants to see a happy, accomplished person, and to share this happiness with her. Don’t expect a man to arrive out of nowhere and make your life beautiful. Make your life beautiful yourself, and a man will want to be part of it.

It’s also important to be honest about who you are when setting up a profile on a free dating app of your choice. Of course, all of us tend to manipulate the truth when describing ourselves, but try to do it within some reasonable limits. When a man meets you face to face, he shouldn’t discover that you’re ten years older, ten centimetres shorter and ten kilograms heavier than he expected. It’s easy to pretend being someone else when you date a person online, but earlier or later you’re going to meet them in real life. If you’d like to avoid a major heartbreak, it’s strongly recommended to stay true to who you are.joining a free dating app

Upload the right sort of photos

It’s no secret that all men are extremely visually oriented, so keep this in mind when selecting photos for your profile on a free dating app. Here are a few recommendations on how to make the right choice of photos.

Avoid blurry and heavily pixelated images

In the world of today, uploading a blurry or fuzzy image on a dating site is unacceptable. Even if you don’t own a DSLR camera, it’s possible to take a good photo even with the simplest smartphone. Just make sure the lighting is right.

Revealing outfits and seductive poses are a big no-no

Firstly, these sorts of photos won’t be approved on most dating sites. Secondly, it cheapens your profile and attracts all sorts of perverts and freaks. If you don’t wish to read creepy messages from slimy guys, you’d better avoid lingerie snaps in your dating profile.

Group photos are not acceptable

Even if you look stunning in your graduation pictures, you don’t want your potential match wonder which one of those ten fabulous girls he is going to write to. You should be alone in the photo, period.

No hats and sunglasses

Do you look stunning in sunglasses? Keep this look for your real life dates. When dating online, your face should be recognizable and clearly visible to a person you talk to.absolutely scam free

It’s alright to correspond with more than one man

There are plenty of members on dating sites, and the chances are you’ll develop an interesting correspondence with more than one man. In the initial stages of online dating, it’s perfectly acceptable. Some of these men will lose interest after a few messages, others will turn out to be different from what you expected them to be.

It’s absolutely normal to talk to many people via a dating app until you establish a special connection with a man of your dreams. It’s also alright to meet all these men in real life – only by meeting a guy face to face you’ll be able to make out whether you have a chance for a happy future together or not. If you feel there is no chance you’ll be a couple, don’t hesitate moving on. Life is too short to waste it on lousy relationships.

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Beware of scammers

Even if your free dating app claim to be absolutely scam free, there is always a chance of encountering a skilful scammer or fraudster. If something makes you feel uncomfortable, block a suspicious user and report him to the site’s security system. Make sure to avoid further interaction with a person if you notice something like this:

  • They keep forgetting what you were talking about before. Sometimes an elaborate scam is a group effort, so it’s possible you’re actually talking to a few people. Or it’s only one person, but he tries to scam so many people that it’s hard for him to keep up.
  • They complain a lot about their financial difficulties or ask you to send them money straight away.
  • They claim to be stuck abroad, and with their bank account being block, it’s impossible for them to come back home. So they ask you for financial assistance.
  • They have an empty profile and only one photo.
  • They claim to be madly in love with you after a few messages.
  • They are never available on video calls.

So these are just a few tips on how to make you experience of using a free dating app more successful. Enjoy, and best of luck!


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  1. On the other hand, there are so many dating websites that claim to be completely free, yet ask for a fee when you sign up for a free membership. Many people find it hard to believe that you can get away with finding a free membership. If you are curious about what the free site is like, you will be disappointed when you find out that it is no different than the paid dating website.

  2. Just because a site is free, it does not mean that the dating site is not going to be successful. What you need to be careful of is the fact that you are signing up for a free membership and you are only getting emails and notifications from the site about new members.

  3. Bogus software men and women remember to dont use any app also dislike this video, these funnel is offering fake information and facts. There is nothing free of charge you need to pay for these programs

  4. The best way to protect yourself is to get information about reputable websites. If the search for a free dating app is confusing, you can choose a paid site that offers some of the most popular features on the market.

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