Dating Croatian brides: top secrets and tricks

The best dating advice for meeting sexy Croatian women in their homeland. Ways to court a Croatian girl and develop a strong loving relationship with a bride in Croatia

Croatian beauty and sexiness among beautiful landscapes
Why would they chose a foreigner over locals?
Where to meet a single woman in Croatia once you’re there?


Croatian beauty and sexiness among beautiful landscapes

Croatian girls are as attractive as Adriatic sea. It’s no surprise you’d like to combine these two pleasures. We’ll teach you how! They are considered ones of the hottest in Eastern Europe.

They have all the advantages of Slavic women but they’re southern Slavs, which means they have dark eyes, dark chestnut hair, and olive skin. If you like this type, just arrange your trip there!

First of all, Croatian girls are smart and they realize you’re there just for a short vacation. That’s why they won’t get intimate too quickly, being afraid to fall in love and lose you after.

So try to show as much respect and tenderness as you can, to neutralize the feeling of being abandoned. Croatian girls are very sensitive to that, very proud, and know their worth.

A nice courtship with gallant signs of attention improves their mood a lot. Although they don’t ask for anything but a drink and a meal, you have to be aware that salaries aren’t high in Croatia.

Only those earn well who are involved into touristic business. So a girl from Croatia may highly appreciate such a gift as perfume or night cream that she cannot afford by herself.

The fact that Croatia is famous for its seafood, olives and wine, doesn’t mean that Croatian girls eat any of those often. They live a modest life leaving the best for the tourists.

So buying them a meal in a nice restaurant is a very kind and sweet step. Usually they kindly agree to be your guide or a beach companion. You’ll quickly love their bright and positive character.

They do enjoy telling you about things and showing around. Men’s attention is everything to them. They need it like fresh air for breathing and they literally blossom when they are noticed.


Why would they chose a foreigner over locals?

Croatian women are interested in foreign men. Those slim and dark-eyed beauties with tanned skin are very bored in their small beautiful country. It’s hard to have many hobbies there.

So if you suggest anything different, like a short trip outside of Croatia or at least a romantic weekend among nature, they’ll be happy and thankful. And a thankful mood means more kisses!

Croatian girls are fun to be with, for several reasons: they look like models; they are well-educated and can lead a conversation on different topics; they are good drinkers.

Yes, they drink much stronger drinks than most of men do, and they stay “alive” even after many glasses. They can tell you many new and interesting things about local alcohol and how to drink it.

Use this opportunity and enjoy their sweet lection! Croatian people went through difficult and challenging historical periods. It’s better if you have at least a basic knowledge about it.

Show some respect by operating those facts. This country is rather traditional when it comes to marriage and family. But girls can be open towards a short fling for different reasons.

It starts from getting a profit and a nice memorable experience and may be extended to having real “butterflies in their stomach” as Croatian women are very passionate by nature.

They are curious, adventurous, and want to have a choice. Their psychology is rather to try several relationships than to be stuck in just one, when they are in their late teens.

If it’s important for you not to share your girl with anyone else, better clear it up from the beginning or chose an older lady, 25+ who is already committed to remain stable.

In general, tourists are often having a nice affair in Croatia and remain satisfied with the result. Just take into account some specific nuances we told you about, and you’ll be on horseback.

However, marriages with foreigners aren’t so rare and it’s better if you make sure your chosen one has the same expectations as you do. It’s the best way to avoid disappointments.

If you both want to hookup, that is ok, and she will perceive that philosophically as a resort habitant. But if you both want marriage, that might be the best decision for you and for her.


Where to meet a single woman in Croatia once you’re there?

The best places to meet a girl are, traditionally, a bar or famous music festivals that gather all progressive youth here. On local beaches, you’re rather meet girls tourists than native ones.

They are busy working or studying. Therefore, an evening game or a night game are more promising. Feminism is almost absent in Croatia. It means women perceive a man as a boss.

They are relying on his decisions. They fall for men who are natural leaders and show much confidence about themselves. At the same time, tactful attitude and much understanding are needed.

Also take a proper care about your own feelings, as most of Croatian girls already have a mate but they don’t mind to go out with you. Their hunger for new impressions and, at times, gifts can be big.

So, there are many options where to meet single Croatian women: from bars and restaurants to discos, nightclubs, beaches, places of nature, in touristic spots in and out of the country.

Like in all Eastern Europe, shopping might be a necessary part of courtship and dating. But girls in Croatia never go too far in that: they would chose a few nice and practical items, that’s all.

There aren’t many big malls in Croatia. The country remains greatly provincial. Women mostly order clothes on the Internet or even sew and knit it by themselves, like in old times.

What they really appreciate, is high quality lingerie. So meet single Croatian girls in local lingerie stores where they’re daydreaming about this or that set, or just invite them there.

It’s important to know that Croatian women behave modestly in public, they don’t want to look like escort girls. But if they avoid a very direct eye contact, it doesn’t mean they’re disinterested.

If the place is crowded, just talk to her politely or send her a drink, a rose. If she accepts, you can take her for a brief walk in a quieter place, and check whether her English is good.

Usually it is, so your first conversation may easily turn into something more intimate. Try to develop enough trust between you too before you make further steps with your Croatian girl.

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