Bosnian brides as the most hidden treasure in Eastern Europe

The most shocking information about underestimated Bosnian brides. Learn more about Bosnian women beauty, character, ways to date them, and the keys to their hearts

Basic pieces of advice on Bosnian dating
How to convince a Bosnian girl to date you
Why are Bosnian girls a wife material?

Basic pieces of advice on Bosnian dating

Eastern European dating and travelling is one of the most popular destinations nowadays, and it places the first position comparing to Asian or Latin American dating. That’s a known fact.

But, being fascinated by Russian and Ukrainian women, western men know almost nothing about Bosnian girls. It may seem the most exotic and undiscovered part of Eastern Europe.

So why not to change that if single Bosnian women are really worthy of your attention? They’re extremely beautiful, but also faithful and loyal, unlike more modern individuals.

Men who took their time and spent some energy on studying more about Bosnian brides, are always enchanted by them and the mix of cultures in this region. It affects girls’ appearance too.

For example, their language is still close to the Slavic group and they do have Slavic facial features, but with certain Mediterranean impact. They mostly have dark eyes and a nice olive skin.

It actually makes sense to combine a trip to Croatia with a trip to Bosnia. Croatia is a famous resort with amazing beaches, low-cost seafood and wine, and surely beautiful hot girls.

At least twenty percent of Bosnians are of Croatian origin as well, and there are similarities between these two nationalities anyway. So it will be easy to switch from one kind of dating to another.

But one’s strategy of pickup and courtship should be completely different in Bosnia, since this area wasn’t covered by the chain of international marital agencies, and the flow of tourists is weaker.

One shouldn’t build his communication with Bosnian girls on negative subjects such as complaints on scammers in Eastern Europe, doubts, fears, and so on.

Scam doesn’t exist in Bosnia.

These traditional girls actually aren’t keen on doing shopping with a foreigner or moving to his country right away. They used to have other priorities and goals so it takes extra efforts to conquer them.

But Bosnian women are worthy of your every effort, they are definitely a wife material, and there’s no one as precious as they are, in this particular part of the world.

How to convince a Bosnian girl to date you

Since women in Bosnia normally aren’t willing to sell themselves for luxury, it’s hard to bribe them in any way. They are very empathic and a sincere, cordial gift is more appreciated by them.

Respecting their culture is a must. And that is a difficult part since westerners know nothing about Bosnia and Herzegovina. But it’s totally ok to ask her questions, and she’ll gladly answer.

Loving Bosnian food, for example, isn’t difficult at all. Just remember to flatter a beautiful chef and tell her all these ingredients are exactly your favourite.

There’s a lot of meat with veggies.

If Croatia greets you with lots of local wine of all kinds, then Bosnia is definitely the kingdom of brandy. And strong drinks always improve the taste of any unusual dishes!

However, one of the most crucial topics is religion. One half of Bosnians are Muslims and another half are Christians. Both groups are quite conservative and cherish their beliefs.

Bosnian Muslims usually do not require that their partner would reverse and accept their faith officially, but they expect him to respect their prayer time and other daily activities connected with faith.

If you happen to be a Buddhist or a New Age follower, just do not impose your beliefs on a girl and try to possess mutual respect. Time solves any misunderstandings and disagreements.

Family is another super important side of life in Bosnia. If it’s somewhat stressful for you to always ask about her parents’ health, pass greetings to her siblings, and so on, think about a good thing.

They are important to her, yes, but you’ll be equally important for her and for all of them after you get engaged or married. Everyone will equally care about you, your well-being, and your needs.

Why are Bosnian girls a wife material?

Family values are exactly why Bosnian women aren’t feminist. If according to your views, a woman should be a caretaker and a home maker, then a Bosnian bride is your most natural choice.

However, they are a golden middle indeed. They aren’t coursing between the kitchen and the living room like cleaning robots or expensive purebred pets. They are far beyond that.

When one admirers the pictures of beautiful Bosnian girls, the very first thing he notices is the combination of inner strength and mildness on their faces. And it’s indeed a reflection of their inner self.

Along with being emotionally dependent on a man, in a good healthy way, they can be called independent as well. They are hard workers, great survivors, yet not career-minded busy bees.

There are many cases when Bosnian women were doing such outstanding things as providing their man during his bad times, accomplishing heavy works in the house and in the yard, and so on.

At the same time, they are wonderful devoted mothers without being unnecessarily focused on kids’ selfishness, also perfect chefs, gardeners, and they do bottle all kinds of veggies for winter.

You can see the same thing in many countries of Eastern Europe, but Bosnia is the least westernized out of them all, so women managed to preserve their most precious historic qualities.

But, don’t be afraid to find Bosnian sweeties completely old-fashioned. They aren’t isolated from the world, and they have a full Internet access. They like trying new things in sex.

One just has to remember that girls in Bosnia won’t sleep with just any stranger, they need some time to develop feelings and most of all, trust before they practice any tabooed stuff.

Basically, if one is patient enough and manages to become a very special man for a Bosnian beauty, he is guaranteed to have the hottest sex in his life and the most affectionate lover, too.

One last recommendation in this field: keep your honeymoon, or just your first month experiments-free. Be classically passionate, and so she will be. It’s needed for cementing your romance.

But once this first tender and romantic month is over, you can start getting wilder and so she will be. Get intimate in public, discover each other’s bodies further, as well as new positions.

Bosnian women can be extremely sensual and sexually open with someone they love, they trust to. Your nightlife will be full of pleasant bonuses, so get prepared to be greatly surprised.

Western men who already married in Bosnia or got involved with Bosnian girls, are reportedly very happy and admit they could never find the partner of such a quality in their homeland.

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