Belarusian brides and their value for single western men

Top reasons to be happy with a Belarusian girl
What to expect from Belarusian dating?
How to chose the best girl in Belarus ever?
How to propose to a Belarus bride

Top reasons to be happy with a Belarusian girl

If you admire a famous Slavic beauty, Belarusian girls are certainly in your list. But it’s hard to know all nuances about them if you aren’t from a former USSR yourself.

Let us reveal some secrets so that you’re better prepared to meeting a Belarusian woman. You know even in Soviet times women were spending a lot of time on exercising and keeping in shape.

The same concerned hairstyle, make-up, manicure, dressing nicely. There is still a strict regime in Belarus, it creates a unique atmosphere of mixed past and present time.

Maybe for this reason women there combine a classical style with modern style and manage to look fantastic. It’s interesting to mention that Belarusian cosmetics is quite popular in Russia.

In general they look a lot like Russian girls: tall, long-haired, with pretty faces. They are well-groomed and look after their appearance with diligence not depending on their income level.

Belarusian girls are normally well-educated and intelligent. It’s a pleasure to talk with them and to ask for their advice when needed. But of course they reach certain wisdom only with age.

Still, these girls are more mature than European or American girls. They are much less spoiled and used to take serious decisions since their youngest years. They are also traditionally good cooks.

You won’t find a lot of flavour and spices in Belarusian cuisine but you are going to like it, that’s guaranteed. Plus, they are cooking with much love, care, and they’re skilled in that!

Thanks to specificities of political system of Belarus that remains the same for decades, it’s in people’s mentality to be organized, punctual, hard-working, and rather obedient.

You may like all these qualities in your chosen one. It goes without saying that she’s keeping the house and herself tidy, and gladly taking all extra duties and responsibilities.

What to expect from Belarusian dating?

Feminism is literally absent in Belarus and women remain women. At the same time, it works against you as they are marriage-minded and casual sex isn’t very common or welcomed.

However, nice discos and places of fun exist in Belarus so you can take a chance. You’re even luckier if you met Belarusian woman abroad: she will be glad to break some rules together.

Asking about her likes, dreams, and family members is definitely a key to her heart. She also appreciates the gentleman behaviour, gallant attitude, and romantic happenings of all kinds.

Those can be moonlight walks, going to the night cinema, candlelight dinner in a restaurant. At the same time, she is rather modest so she’s ok if such things take place only once in a while.

Since Belarusian girls are traditional, you shouldn’t expect very exotic miracles in a bed. But it’s possible to gradually open her mind and try new things. She is committed to please her man.

As life in Belarus is quite monotonous, local girls like the idea of dating a foreigner and gaining a new fresh experience. They are going to ask you about your city and trips to other places.

No doubts, Belarusian women are going to be curious about your life abroad and customs. You can make them more than happy with a short trip, let’s say for the weekend.

It may calm her down for a while if she wants much more travelling or even moving to your home country. Modern Belarus girls are really keen on seeing new places, as many as possible.

Salaries in Belarus aren’t very big so women do expect from men some support and care for their daily needs. Be careful: shopping is included! But breathe out: it is very moderate and quick.

Moreover, on a later stage of relationship, Belarusian women are ok with contributing to the family budget and paying the half of the bill. That is quite relieving for their partners!

How to chose the best girl in Belarus ever?

It’s hard to select between Belarusian girls since all of them are so perfect. They are model-looking, soft, feminine, honest, cute, pretty, and manage to look stylish in any conditions.

For sure, bad things happen and you can find out that your Belarusian beauty is totally short-minded in everything including her wardrobe, dating standards, sexuality and even her way to talk.

Don’t be afraid to move forward and pick another girl who is more progressive-thinking. Maybe this search requires more time and energy in Belarus but it’s possible to succeed.

How to avoid her “marriage fever”? There is one trick: date a girl below 25 y.o. or a woman over 35 y.o. that is already divorced. This way, you will deal with a female herself and not her fears.

Her parents and “best friends” create a big pressure too as all their talks lead to the question about future marriage and babies. So try to choose a girl who is under less influence of her folks.

It can easily happen that you will become keen on marrying her as well, but it must be your own decision and hers, not coming from people who surround the two of you.

After just a week of messaging and a few meetings in real, a smart observant man is usually able to gather the information needed for estimating her quality level and overall potential.

But what is convenient about Belarusian women, you can always read on their faces as well as between the lines: they aren’t able to wear masks or hide anything, and they’re bad actresses.

Western men who are rather jealous by nature and who were betrayed in the past, find it very relieving to date a Belarus girl because she’s absolutely transparent and predictable in a good way.

How to propose to a Belarus bride

Once you found the best girl for you in Belarus and took an important decision, you can prepare to the process of proposal. Don’t worry: in this case, it will be very smooth!

Unlike some other Eastern European women, Belarusian girlfriends do not expect a man to arrange a massive performance on such a special occasion. So just relax and be yourself.

They are so romantic, even a bit naive, that even the simplest scenario or its absence can already make them happy. Just make sure the ring isn’t made of the cheapest aluminium.

Belarus is one of the few countries where men still propose to a girl in her parents’ presence, unless she’s 40+. Perceive this tradition as a sweet way to save some funds and celebrate at home.

If you’re polite and well-dressed, even the modest and unoriginal proposal will turn into the most memorable event in your woman’s life. So find your happiness in Belarus, and be blessed!

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