Beautiful Russian brides: it’s not only about looks

If you’ve recently joined an international dating site, you may have noticed that there is no match to Russian women for marriage in terms of looks. Their beauty is nothing short of astounding, but it’s only one of the reasons why so many men try to find a soul mate in Eastern Europe. Beautiful Russian brides have much more to offer than merely attractive appearance.

Table of content:

  1. Secrets behind the Russian type of beauty
  2. Excellent genes
  3. Competitive spirit
  4. Inborn sense of style
  5. Intriguing mind and brilliant education of an average Russian girl
  6. The right set of values
  7. Loyalty and dedication
  8. Adventurous spirit and great adaptability

Simply put, they are a unique combination of stunning beauty, prominent intellect, admirable character traits and traditional family values. Let’s take a closer look at this question.

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Secrets behind the Russian type of beauty

When people around the globe talk about the Russian type of beauty, they tend to point out some mysterious elements behind it. Otherwise, how would one explain that Russian women are seemingly much more attractive than ladies in other countries? However, there is a logical explanation to this phenomenon.

Excellent genes

Firstly, the population of Russia boasts a rich genetic pool. While many countries of the world have been relatively isolated throughout the centuries, Russia has had a turbulent history with lots of invasions, conquests, freedom fighting and wars. The territory of present day Russian Federation has been a battlefield of many battles, when both the European and Asian nations tried to pursue their interests by trying to impose their rule by force.

Over time, it resulted in extremely diverse genetic pool. Russian women are generously gifted by nature where physical aspects are concerned. They possess beautiful slim bodies with excellent proportions and visually pleasing facial characteristics.

Competitive spirit

For various reasons, it’s not easy even for the most beautiful Russian brides to find a decent partner in their home country. In the past, Russia suffered tremendous human losses in the WW2, and it took decades to correct the horribly skewed male-to-female ratio. Also, Slavic men also tend to die young due to alcohol addiction and drug abuse.

Russian girls have to compete ferociously in order to attract attention of a reasonable local man. And one sure way to do that is to look as alluring and irresistible as possible. Russian girls are taught different techniques of beautifying themselves since they are very small. They keep in shape, rarely go out without perfect makeup on, wear flowing dresses and miniskirts paired with stocking and high heels, and so on.

When you visit a Russian city for the first time, you can’t help noticing how beautiful and attractive the majority of local girls are. You can see them virtually everywhere – on the streets, in public transports, at the post-office, in the malls, cafes and restaurants.

Beautiful Russian brides searching for love and romance with foreign men

Inborn sense of style

Russian women are also exceedingly stylish and well dressed. Even if a girl’s budget is limited beyond limited, she’ll still manage to look like the icon of style. The choice of clothes is extremely important for a Russian woman – it’s a part of her identity and self-expression. Attractive appearance is part of being a successful, purposeful and independent woman.

Intriguing mind and brilliant education of an average Russian girl

Even though beautiful Russian brides tend to prioritize appearance, they don’t neglect other aspect important aspects in life. The majority of Eastern European brides are clever, well-read and educated. Having a degree or two is commonplace for girls in Russia.

They master various skills and shine in many professional fields. Even if a woman chooses to be a housewife and take care of her family, she can still become a successful bread winner in order to provide for her kids in case of divorce.

You will never run out of topics when talking to Russian women. They are extremely found of reading, and matching their general knowledge is no easy task. There is still an admiring culture of reading in the Eastern European countries, and it improves the mind of an average person like anything.

It’s very interesting to converse with a charming and well-read Russian girl, and there is a strong probability of you getting inspired to read a novel or two after talking to her. Reading has been popular in Russia since sixties, and lots of families possess gigantic home libraries with hundreds or even thousands of books. Kids are brought up as avid readers in Russia, and parents try to cultivate their interests in books since they are very small.

The right set of values

Although independent and confident, Russian girls of today value femininity and traditional gender roles in a relationship. While western girls do their best to compete with men, beautiful Russian brides are happy and proud to be women.

They like to be treated like princesses and give their love and care in return. Girls in Eastern Europe enjoy it when men are attracted to them, and they would rather encourage a guy who approaches them rather than chase him away.

They are exceedingly family oriented, and getting married is one of their most important priorities in life. Even if a woman has a successful career, decent income, a vast array of hobbies and wonderful social circle, she won’t be happy unless she’s a mother and a wife. Having a husband and children is a definition of success for a woman in Russia, that’s why they make for such a wonderful fife material.

Men from the USA, Australia, Canada, and Western Europe have a hard time finding such attitudes in their respective countries, and this is one of the reasons why they try to search for a life partner in Russia. If a Slavic woman agrees to date you, it means she considers a possibility of marrying you and becoming your life partner.

Beautiful Russian brides don’t take relationships lightly. They wouldn’t even consider dating you just for fun or to have a good time with. One night stands are frowned upon in Russia as well.

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Loyalty and dedication

Russian girls are brought up with a romantic idea of true love, and they keep this idea throughout their adulthood as well. An average Russian woman is waiting for her prince charming and dreams of a romantic wedding and a white dress. When she marries a man of her dreams, her whole world is set around her husband and kids, and it’s highly unlikely she’ll ever even look at other men.

With a Russian woman, you can rest assured your wife won’t cheat on you. She’ll also prefer to work hard in order to overcome any challenges in a relationship rather than simply divorce you. An average Russian woman is extremely loyal and dedicated, and she’ll expect the same sort of loyalty in return.

Gorgeous Russian brides on international dating sites

Adventurous spirit and great adaptability

Beautiful Russian brides have lots of pride for their home land, but they are also ready to shift to another country if required. A woman you date online will gladly join her Mister Right if he lives abroad.

Slavic girls are quick learners – they’ll master English (or any other language) in no time and adapt to the local realities. She may need your help in order to form a social circle an find new friends though. She’ll also make sure to establish excellent relationship with your parents, siblings and other relatives.

Family is all important to her, and it’s likely she’ll become much closer with your relatives than you are. Russian women are also excellent travel companions (in case you love travelling) as they are eager to explore the world.

These are only some characteristics that define beautiful Russian brides beyond their looks. Having a romantic relationship with a Slavic girl is a wonderful and rewarding experience, and she’s sure to bring a long of positive changes to your life. If you’re thinking of joining a Russian dating website, we couldn’t recommend it enough!

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  1. In the short run relationship, any ages are possible and compatible. In the long run relationship, ages should converge more closely…

    1. The beautiful Russian brides have the best option of being with American men because they have a lot of options of how to be with men from the USA. This would provide them an opportunity to have a better and more comfortable life there. Moreover, they can also earn a lot from the field of beauty in Russia.

    1. There are also some hot Russian blondes who are not into Russian men but still loves the US men very much. This is because the men from USA are more expensive compared to Russian men. However, it would still not be a big problem for the Russian blondes to be with the male of their choice.

    2. A number of women are really beautiful in Russia. They do not only add beauty to Russian brides but also to the country as a whole. The good thing about this is that Russia is a developed country and it can afford many beautiful girls. They do not just stay there, but they also have the ability to pursue their dreams of having a life in the west.

  2. this is not a Russian Woman, this is a snake that behaves like a don’t-understand-who. A Russian Woman would have opened the door herself, and would not have kept a man on the threshold, but would have offered him at least tea

  3. There are a lot of reasons why these Russian brides are more interested in looking beautiful from the United States and from the United Kingdom. Some of these are the skin care products and clothes that the women from these countries sell. These women are also very beautiful and they are more interested in beautiful men from the United States and from the United Kingdom.

  4. The country of Russia has a lot of options to offer to these brides. They do not only get beautiful Russian brides but also have opportunities of being with beautiful men from all over the world. They could be both physically and mentally beautiful in Russia.

  5. In regards to my future Russian in-laws,no matter how much they feed me,no matter how hard they try,they ain’t ever gonna fatten me up,there’s no way in hell. My six pack is here to stay.

  6. dated a lot of girls from different countries.. Russians are my favorite, loyal and fun to be with and they really take care of their men

  7. Since this is a video on age gaps, the million dollar question is: how old is 48-year-old-Juan’s fiance? Regardless, good job Juan.

  8. You do not have to worry about your future husband looking at you with a nice body and looking just like you do. The majority of the men who come from Russia have a beautiful body and they have a great personality.

  9. Not only women from Russia but also women from Russia can be a little more relaxed, since there are many men who can help them look beautiful. This is also a reason why these women are more attracted to men from America and from the United Kingdom.

  10. I’m Ukrainian and I think it doesn’t matter about nation at all!!! It only matters about personality,please guys,think before saying “I’ll never date u cuz u Ukrainian/Russian.”

  11. Other than men from USA, other countries are also open for these brides. They include Canada, England, Germany, China, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, and a lot more.

  12. So, it is really up to you whether you want to look beautiful in Russia or not. You may not need to be in Russia and you do not have to go through the process of finding a boyfriend from Russia.

  13. If you want to be with beautiful Russian women, you do not have to choose the right kind of men to take care of. There are a lot of choices in the men from Russia. You can also find a very nice look for your future bride.

  14. Russian women may come in many different ethnicities. However, the features and type of face could depend on the place where the person comes from. The people who come from Russia must have the similar characteristics.

  15. These Russians have the capability to be with women who have a beautiful body and who have an attractive personality. These traits make them very desirable to Russian women and they also consider these Russian brides as their own mothers.

  16. You can do anything with any age woman if you have deep pockets no matter your age. This is especially true in poor countries like Ukraine

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