Gorgeous Russian girls: what makes them good wives?

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If you intend to settle down and start a family of your own, finding a decent wife may prove to be rather difficult. In the world of today, women no longer prioritize marriage and traditional gender roles. They pursue their careers and hobbies, travel around the world, spend time socializing with friends, set up different goals and do their best to achieve them. And there is nothing wrong with that. However, women in the west consider getting married and having kids a threat to their independence and freedom. And this is not something one could call a healthy attitude. Fortunately, there are gorgeous Russian girls who manage to live interesting lives while being devoted wives and caring mothers.

Table of content:

  1. Russian women prioritize family over career
  2. They are excellent homemakers and cooks
  3. Girls from Eastern Europe prefer traditional gender roles
  4. Exceptional loyalty and devotion
  5. Your kids will be brought up by an educated and well-read mom
  6. The whole family will be encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle

There are plenty of factors that make Russian brides a wonderful wife. It’s a unique combination of great character traits and the right set of values. Men from all over the world come to Eastern Europe in order to find a reliable and loving partner to share their life with.

Russia has become a sort of pilgrimage place or those tired of loneliness and lack of understanding form females in their home countries. Let’s have a close look at various factors that make an average Russian woman such a desirable wife.

Find a gorgeous and intelligent wife in Eastern Europe

Russian women prioritize family over career

Having a university degree or even a couple of degrees is not uncommon among gorgeous Russian girls. After graduating from high school they usually continue studying in various universities, colleges and institutes. They thrive in different professional fields and easily compete with the best specialists around the globe.

Yet they will always choose being a mother and wife over pursuing a very successful career. According to Slavic women’s mentality, personal happiness lies within having a happy family, reliable husband and healthy kids. It’s impossible for a woman to be happy if she doesn’t have these things, no matter how accomplished she is and how versatile her interests are.

They tend to marry early in life and have their first child in their early twenties. Needless to say, western men approve of this kind of attitude – this is what their mothers and grandmothers were like, and this is a kind of woman they would like to have for a wife.

They are excellent homemakers and cooks

A typical Russian woman is an excellent housewife. Even with limited resources she’ll manage to turn her home into a cosy and comfortable dwelling where each member of the family feels peaceful and loved.

Making her home beautiful is not a burden, it’s a joy. She takes pride in decorating the interiors and creating a special atmosphere of cosiness and serenity. It’s a pleasure to come back to such a home after a long day at work. Russian girls are taught to do chores since they are very small, and by the time they reach adulthood they master doing various tasks in the most efficient way.

As for culinary skills, the majority of beautiful Russian brides pride themselves in begin excellent cooks. If you marry one of the gorgeous Russian girls, heating a readymade meal in the microwave will be thing of the past.

You’ll always have delicious and healthy homemade food. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invite your wife to restaurants from time to time though. But seriously speaking, having dishes of the Russian cuisine as part of your daily menu is a blessing.

Borscht, golubtsi, bliny, vareniki, pelmeni, ukha and other dishes are bound to make your family dinners a very pleasant pastime. Generally speaking, Russian girls also like to experiment in the kitchen and try their hand at cooking dishes of various cuisines.

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Girls from Eastern Europe prefer traditional gender roles

One of the biggest advantages of having a Russian wife is that she allows a man to be a man. You will be considered the head of the family who are responsible for everyone’s financial security and wellbeing.

You’re also expected to be an excellent decision maker – your Russian wife should know that you can be relied upon in difficult situations in life. She’ll know how to get what she feels is necessary without being imposing or obtrusive.

Being married literally means “being behind your husband” in Russian, so you’re supposed to protect your woman from pains this world is always ready to inflict. And your wife will also treat you with respect and teach your children to do the same.

Even if she knows the right way of doing things and performing certain tasks, she’ll still ask your advice and opinion. Russian women like their husbands to play a leading role in a marriage and encourage them to do so.

Exceptional loyalty and devotion

With one of the gorgeous Russian girls as your wife, you won’t have to worry about possibilities of adultery and any sort of extramarital affairs. Slavic women are brought up with a romantic idea of true love that happens once in a life time.

If she married you, it means you’re her true love, her prince charming. Family is too important for a Russian girl to risk it. She’ll be loyal to you and expect the same of faithfulness in return.

Your kids will be brought up by an educated and well-read mom

The majority of Slavic women are brilliantly educated – they are usually encouraged to take a university degree after graduating from high school and before getting married. In case their man fails to be a good and reliable breadwinner, they have to be able to earn a living and support their kids on their own. And they do succeed in various professional fields.

There are also wonderful reading traditions in Russia. Girls are taught to love books since they are very small Lots of families boast having great home libraries which have been put together by several generations. As a result, gorgeous Russian girls are not only a pleasure to look at, but also to listen and to talk to.

They possess a vast general knowledge, and you will never run out of topic when having discussions with your Russian wife. Your kids will benefit like anything from having an intelligent, educated and well-read mom around. They’ll read books together, attend different cultural events, and do all sorts of crafts and creative projects.

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The whole family will be encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle

Perhaps you’ve noticed dramatic difference between the way Russian men and women look. While men’s appearance is rather mediocre and they tend to age quickly, women’s looks are nothing short of astounding. The striking contrast is due to different lifestyles. Russian women don’t abuse alcohol, don’t do drugs and don’t overeat.

They stay active throughout the day and regularly work out. They go in for different sports, including swimming, tennis, cycling, aerobics and martial arts. They keep their calories in check and eat healthy, nutritious food.

Gorgeous Russian girls keep these lifestyle habits after getting married, too, and encourage the whole family to do the same. You’ll rarely have to eat in fast food restaurants or buy frozen meals. You’ll get to spend your holidays and weekends in a healthy, productive way.

You’ll enjoy going for long walks together in a local park, or riding bicycles, or playing badminton. Needless to say, you’ll be strongly discouraged having any bad habits, ad she won’t have any either.

Gorgeous Russian girls searching for love and marriage in the west

These are only some actors that make gorgeous Russian girls a desirable wife material. You’ll get to discover plenty on your own. Keep your expectations high when dating Russian women – having a relationship with someone who is obviously so family oriented won’t disappoint. The best way to meet one of these stunning ladies is to join an international dating site, so why don’t you make a quick search right away. All the best!

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