Are Bulgarian women anything like Russian women

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You know, the more you’re learning about different nations in Europe, the more you start to wonder what intricacies and interweavings they have between each other. Slavs even more so — for instance, you’re always aware that all of them are very similar, but exactly how far these similarities go is unclear.

Table of content:

  1. What’s so similar on the surface?
  2. The language
  3. The general state of being
  4. What are they like internally?
  5. What defines the Bulgarian women?
  6. What’s better about the Russians
  7. The general traits
  8. Their physical appearance
  9. Their personality
  10. Bulgaria itself
  11. In conclusion

It’s even more relevant for you if you like to travel and one of the sights you like to point out are women, if not for the fun of it, then for the practical uses. After all, why travel all the way to distant Russia when you can see the very similar sights closer to the West, in Bulgaria, for instance.

And, on the surface, they are very alike. So, let’s see if you’d like Bulgarian women were you to come to this country.

What’s so similar on the surface?

Well, you wouldn’t call them similar if you didn’t see that from the get-go now, would you? There are several aspects of the Bulgarian women and the Bulgarian culture overall that smell of something Russian. Even if you don’t know anything about Russians — you’ll definitely say the same.

The language

You might argue that, while it gives away the fact that the two peoples are related, this fact alone doesn’t show that they are any similar. In the case of the Bulgarian language, however, there’s an interesting situation. The state of this tongue as it is today has in large part been influenced by the Russians when the language itself was in a bit of disarray.

And the Bulgarians sort of liked it – they adopted a lot of Russian grammatical and lexical rules, the patterns of wording and the way they perceive the words and images. This all has a lot to do with how the people see the world. In this case, the Bulgarian worldview is pretty similar to that of their Russian cousins.

Truly, if you want to know, the languages are pretty similar, at least because they both use the Cyrillic alphabet. By the way, the alphabet is in part a Bulgarian invention.

A lot of people here even speak Russian to some degree. Though, there aren’t many Russians in this country.

The general state of being

How better to put it… the Bulgarians, the Bulgarian women included, live in a way Russians live, in many aspects.

The country isn’t very rich, they live communally, and a big portion of the infrastructure and the architecture were inspired or directly built by the Russians. Naturally, many people here are forced to live just like the Russians, because the Soviet building (same that many Russians still use) were built by one unchanging scheme.

If you don’t think that any of it can regulate a person’s life in any significant manner, then you underestimate the genius of the Soviet architects. They died many decades before, and still, their plans tell the people in far-away land how to live.

What are they like internally?

The question of what the average representative of a nation is like internally is a very broad one. The answer too will probably be pretty broad, but let’s make it as simple as possible.

What defines the Bulgarian women?

The thing is, there aren’t many unique traits that define the Bulgarian nation, much less specifically the Bulgarian women. All of their uniqueness seems very broadly Slavic. The Bulgarians who may come to read this article could disagree (in this case, sorry, Bulgarians), but the Bulgarian culture, the Bulgarian personality and the set of values may be roughly defined as a mix.

Most notably, the mix of all the culture and personality traits of Southern (like Serbs or Croats) and Eastern Slavs (like Ukrainians and Russians).

In the case of Russians, they are very proud, opinionated and cling to the past too strongly for their own good. They are very conservative as well. So, if you were looking for these traits in a woman — Bulgaria is one of the places you may consider visiting.

What’s better about the Russians

There are several reasons why you’d want to prefer Russian women to Bulgarian women. Though they are similar, there are comforts a Russian lady can give that the Bulgarian can not:

  1. The Russians are more accustomed to strangers and they like them more. As far as it’s possible to tell, the Bulgarians are pretty cold towards the visitors from without. They don’t come to the country very often, and they don’t bring much good. You can tolerate the obnoxious tourists when they bring in the money, but it’s not really the case for Bulgaria;
  2. It’s easier to connect the Russians on the Internet. Very rarely you just stumble upon a Bulgarian person on the Web. They don’t speak Russian, and they don’t have their own websites. It may sound like a good thing, but, in reality, you can’t detect them, they blend in too well. Russians, on the other hand, are way more noticeable;
  3. If you choose not to come to Russia to meet Russians, you can always try to find them in your own homeland, since the Russian communities abroad are very numerous and wide-spread. You can’t do the same with the Bulgarians, though. They are small people and, in comparison, they don’t travel much

Though, of course, it’s not like you’re dating people for their commodities and the comfort of it, you’d better want to know if the women from Bulgaria are fair and gentle, as you’d expect from the Russian ladies.

Image of a blonde beauty

The general traits

You can’t say that the nation as a whole is good or bad-looking, etc. It’s cynical and not very fair. However, in their entirety, you must be able to see if the people of a nation are more or less likely to look good if you catch the meaning of it.

Their physical appearance

It’s actually not very easy to say if, on average, Russian women are any more or less beautiful than Bulgarians. One thing is certain, however — they are a Southern folk. And that brings change, people here have darker skin (though it isn’t dark, per se), they, in theory, are a bit more fit and healthy for they spend a lot of their time outside and in nature.

All the same, if you aren’t traveling to closely compare the women from different countries and regions, you won’t really see the difference. The beauty is beauty. It’s enough to know that there are attractive women in this country and that they are in abundance there.

Their personality

The Bulgarians are indeed the Southern Slavs — the climate here is very mellow, making it feel almost like Spain or Italy. Of course, it’s still pretty far in the North, but the spirit of the South is still very strong in the Bulgarians, so to speak. They are often more passionate, yet more gentle than their Slavic cousins.

They have a lot more reasons to stay outdoors for longer (the nature is quite good here), hence they are also livelier, less plunged into the routine. A lot like Italians, really.

Bulgaria itself

If you consider coming to Bulgaria after all you’ve read about the local women, there’s still something that can dissuade you from it (hopefully, it won’t).

While Bulgaria may be an attractive country for a tourist — it is rich in history and in nature — it’s not exactly easy to travel here. You’ll either be forced to rent a car (which isn’t very simple), go on foot or stay in the capital. The latter option is all too obvious. After all, the capital, Sofia, is very comfortable for a visitor, unlike other cities in towns in the country.

And Sofia itself isn’t exactly luxurious — it’s a nice city, but far from the most comfortable place to visit. There is a lot of other options for you to pick from, as a tourist.

It’s not clear even where it’d be more comfortable to land — in Russia or in Bulgaria. It’s whatever is closest to you and your heart, perhaps.

Image of couple of women

In conclusion

All in all, there’s really no clear winner if you were to compare the Bulgarian women and their counterparts from Russia. Nor is there any practical use to come to Bulgaria rather than Russia (of course, unless you live in Central or Eastern Europe — this way, it makes all the difference).

In the end, it’s only up to you to decide, then. See the pictures, do some research, figure out if they are to your liking or not, then plan your trip.

Well, it’s all for today. Hopefully, the article wasn’t too frustrating to read. If it was, you may try reading the other fairly interesting articles this website has got to offer. Or you can even watch the video if that’s what you like better:

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  1. I like it, hehe. Specially the arguing and suddenly failing to remember everything and being good again over the following moment.

  2. However, they do are typically quite tough functioning and obtain things accomplished. Also, they are considered to be quite qualified. Because of this several foreign firms such as Nestle, Panasonic and Pepsi have come to utilize several of the Bulgarian ladies.

  3. Cheers from Bulgaria! I’m a native lecturer of Bulgarian, nevertheless our family is Russophone, my parents also trained me in European, due to the Soviet impact, nonetheless as i despise communism to have aimed to eradicate and destroy our Christian Orthodox heritage, I cannot deny our brotherhood with Russia (for an Orthodox rather than some Atheistic communist nation), as well as Serbia, Belarus, Macedonia and Ukraine.

  4. The most important thing i would like to say to the young girls is not to look at the man’s nationality and wallet but to construct relationships on rely on and really like. Hardly anything else is important.

  5. These are naturally extremely strong and may articulate European or other words to many degree. Their appearance is a lot less conservative, so their standard outfit is a little different from a north European lady. It is known their garments is far more conservative in comparison to the Eastern Slavs. Their women put on american garments like sleeveless blouses, footwear, pants and skirts.

  6. Woah, I never recognized we’ve been exporting a ton of douches. Thank you for taking the impact, community!

  7. Are we able to require a min to discuss how stunning and gorgeous the celebrity is – she has this kind of hypnotising eye

  8. This article aims to outline some facets of the Bulgarian ladies. In case you are not really acquainted with these ladies then read on and learn more about them. These are the southern Slavs, but provide an impact in the Midsection Eastern. However they had been influenced by american tradition and they also can be described as the social variation of Russian females.

  9. Their capital is known as right after their nationwide floral and is called “Sophia” and they also like Virgin Mary’s deal with. They generally do have some Christian emblems, which is typical within the countries that they are near to. But in addition to that, they generally do not adhere to the cathedral but uphold their particular values. The Bulgarian women are incredibly well-known in European Europe and appreciate numerous advantages with regards to career opportunities.

  10. The The southern part of Slavs is traditionally thought to be very submissive. For example, in Germany, their sensation of trend is said to be quite conservative. They may have very little interest in American culture. As an example, they generally do not put on the “purse”. Most get the practice of having two sticks – a large one out of their palm along with a tiny one in their handbag.

  11. Some say that this is because of their border with all the Ottoman Kingdom. Others point out that their southern spot is a basis for the naming. In any event, the the southern area of Slavs are mostly Roman Catholic and have confidence in standard family members beliefs. Lots of people are from traditionally Christian households. Additionally they take pride in their experience of welcome and group.

  12. A Bulgarian female ordered me two beers as i was underage and hid them at the table to me when my dad transferred from cancers. Bless you not simply for the dark beer, but the motion! Long reside Bulgaria.

  13. The role of your Sofian girls is quite different. Mainly because they are now living in the countryside, they generally do not communicate Russian a lot. For that reason they normally require somebody to train them the terminology. A number of them have learnt The english language, but because of their really low levels of British, they just communicate it for their close up loved ones, buddies and women individuals their loved ones.

  14. Very good video. I have got never ever believed it. Russia and Bulgarian are related ! Thanks A Lot. Where apre You against Andrea? Your business is my label and my own streets in Mila . Ciao

  15. Properly, seeing the aspect regarding the superior alpha-masculine, I feel kinda flattered now to experience a bulgarian partner 😀 Yet not only because of that she actually is gorgeous, intelligent, adores her land and culture. She got me to really like Bulgaria as well as its people in no time. Bulgarians are usually good folks in addition to their girls are total grabs.

  16. I really like this online video. My little girl got me to view it and that we both laughed our stockings away from. Loved it.

  17. Crucial PARADOXES FOR The Person: 1) Even if you do not know how you can remedy it… you are aware how to fix it.Andnbsp2) Even when she’s completely wrong, she’s right. P.S. Great online video!

  18. Nevertheless they are incredibly conservative, and it may sometimes be challenging to recognize them. By way of example, they appreciate to keep their your hair short. Also they do not dress in bikinis and can dress in elegant swimwear. So it can be difficult to learn them at times.

  19. I’m Bulgarian and this is the most exact explanation of Bulgarian lady that I’ve experienced. Very good operate. And BTW Dragon’s breath really will help hangover.

  20. Bulgarian has an incredibly wide array of insults, the The english language language’s acquired practically nothing on that

  21. The truth is a lot of are already thought to contact the Bulgarians the “Slavs of your North”. This has not been verified, yet it is a widely kept viewpoint. However several scientists declare that it must be an racial group and not a religion. Nonetheless, the Bulgarians do communicate Russian to many education, so it will be generally accepted which they do speak European to many degree.

  22. I found myself in Sofia in May of the year and loved it, an attractive metropolis full of beautiful, beneficial folks. Appropriate for any person

  23. These people were once area of the Roman Kingdom. But many historians state that they were originally Slavic. They then have been mastered with the Turks. Nevertheless they had been freed in 1945, under the Bulgarian Communist Get together. Given that that period they may have often been called “The southern part of Slavs”.

  24. The Bulgarians really are the Southern Slavs and so are known as in european traditions as “The Southern Slavs”. They usually are employed as a term for those southern Slavs, which are predominantly Roman Catholic. Unlike their North relatives, who happen to be mostly Muslim, a lot of Russian men do wed these girls.

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