10 gifts beautiful Russian women will like

Send a gift a beautiful Russian girl will like

Whether you date beautiful Russian women in real live or have long-distance relationship over the internet, it’s important to know what sort of gifts they love to get. After all, you’ll want your girlfriend to enjoy receiving presents you’ve selected. Generally speaking, giving gifts to someone is a wonderful way of expressing your affection, admiration and gratitude.

Table of content:

  1. A beautiful bouquet of flowers
  2. Chocolates
  3. Perfumes
  4. Books
  5. Electronic gadgets
  6. Plush toys
  7. Jewellery
  8. Accessories
  9. A trip
  10. A surprise visit

Exchanging presents is an integral part of a romantic relationship, and the majority of Russian girls are very good at selecting meaningful gifts for a person they care for. So it’s only natural to take some effort over preparing a meaningful and thoughtful surprise for your special someone, too.

This is especially beneficial when dating a Russian woman online – sending her a lovely souvenir is a great way to diversify your communication and keep the fire burning. So here are several gift ideas your Eastern European soul mate is bound to appreciate.

Beautiful Russian woman opening a present from a foreign man

A beautiful bouquet of flowers

Women all over the globe have a soft spot for flowers, and this is especially true with Slavic ladies. A nice bunch of flowers is sure to put a smile on your girlfriend’s face. If you’re trying to win her heart, giving her beautiful flowers is a must thing to do. You can give a bouquet on special occasions like birthdays, St. Valentine’s Day, Women’s day, or send it without any particular reasons – just as a proof of your affection.

There are flower delivery services in major cities of Russia, so preparing a wonderful surprise for your special one is not a problem. Alternatively, check out the list of services provided by the dating site where you’ve met your Russian girlfriend.

Very often international dating websites offer flower and gift delivery services, too. Remember to give an odd number of flower – according to Russian cultural norms, even number is acceptable only at funerals. Also, yellow flowers may not be the best choice – they are often perceived as a sign of quick separations.

You can never go wrong with roses. Send tender pink or white roses to a young girl or dark red to a mature woman. Other flowers beautiful Russian women like to receive include tulips, orchids, gladioluses, chrysanthemums, daisies, and lilies.


Chocolates are universally loved by all women. Giving a lovely box of chocolates to a Russian girl is a wonderful idea – she’ll love it, without a doubt. Make sure the chocolates you select is of an exceptional quality – Russians are spoiled for choice when it comes to sweets and dessert.

If you’re not sure what brand you should purchase, go for trustworthy and reputable companies that are famous worldwide. Don’t forget to add a lovely card to go along with chocolates. Express your affection and admiration in words.


Buying perfumes for a woman is a daunting task, especially if you’ve never met her in real life. It’s not easy to select an aroma that would define someone’s personality. The best way to go about it is to ask the woman you’re corresponding with about her preferences.

You can inquire it casually when talking on Skype or writing an email. Most probably she’ll be able to make out why you suddenly ask this question, but you may invent a story of purchasing perfumes for your sister, sister-in-law, aunt or nice.

Although it’s not necessary to buy exorbitantly expensive gifts when you’re in a romantic relationship with one of the beautiful Russian brides, in case of perfumes it’s not recommended to go for cheap options.

Types of gifts you can send to beautiful Russian women


Beautiful Russian women love to receive books as presents. Reading traditions are strong in Eastern Europe, and there are plenty of intellectual Russian ladies who adore books. Girls are taught to love reading since they are very small. There are wonderful home libraries in many Russian homes, with several generations contributing to the book collection.

If your girlfriend is of a reading type, she’ll enjoy receiving a book from you as a gift. Make sure to learn her preferences in literature. If she likes British and American authors, it will be a pleasure for her to receive a volume in English.

Electronic gadgets

Laptops, iPods, smarthones, Kindle ebooks make a wonderful gift, too. Of course, it’s a bit expensive and you shouldn’t make such presents to someone you hardly know. But if you feel you’re in an established relationship with a girl and gadgets are something she really likes, there is no reason why you shouldn’t send them as a gift.

Plush toys

Giving her a plush teddy bar or a sweet looking bunny is a very romantic thing to do. She’ll keep it carefully in her room and think of you every time she happens to see it. It’s also a wonderful idea to give her a personalized doll whose appearance resembles your girlfriend’s looks.

If you have a favourite photo of her, try to select a doll that would have a similar hair style and outfit. Or you may get the doll’s clothes stitched according to your specifications. Present this doll along with the photo of your girlfriend in a beautiful photo frame.

Her heart is sure to melt when she gets a gift like this. It will also demonstrate your romantic nature and willingness to take effort over preparing a special surprise for someone you care for.


Beautiful Russian women love to receive jewellery, too. They take lots of trouble over looking good, and tasteful, beautiful accessories are always welcome. Younger girls tend to like silver, whereas mature women often go for gold. An elegant chain, pendant, bracelet or brooch will make an excellent gift. If you go for a pair of earrings, make sure your girlfriend’s ears are pierced. Some women don’t care about piercing their ears, so check that out in order to avoid spending a decent amount of money and giving a useless present.

Gifts for Russian women you can never go wrong with


Beautiful Russian women seem to have an inborn sense of style. They are always well dressed, elegant and simply gorgeous. Usually they have lots of accessories to empathise their beauty: scarves sunglasses, gloves, purses, bags and what not.

Your girlfriend will appreciate lovely accessories purchased in your home country, but make sure to select the items that go well with her outfits. If you find it difficult, there is nothing wrong in asking your sister, cousin or a female friend for help.

A trip

If the woman you’re in a relationship with is a travel enthusiasts (and most Russian girls certainly are), sending her on a trip is the best gift ever. It’s not easy for an average Russian woman to arrange a trip abroad – salaries in Eastern Europe still leave much to be desired. So she’ll be grateful to have this experience.

If you can join her, do that by all means. If you can’t, she’ll be happy to make a trip on her own. It doesn’t have to be a pricy tour with all inclusive five stars hotels and business class tickets. But a weekend in Rome or London with a well planned itinerary will definitely be appreciated.

A surprise visit

This kind of present is bound to demonstrate the depth of your feelings. Make a surprise trip to her hometown on her birthday, and she’ll be the happiest women on Earth. Of course, you can do something like this only for someone really special – someone you’re really in love with. Proposing to her on her birthday is also a great idea for n unforgettable present.

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These are only a few ideas of a suitable gift for beautiful Russian women. It goes without saying that we’ve mentioned only some general recommendations, and it’s up to you to go for something absolutely different. After all, you know your girlfriend’s likes and dislikes. Give her something that reflects her interests and demonstrates your genuine affection and care. Her lovely smile and words of gratitude will be a worthy reward.

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